Core Leaders

Kifaya Khan


Kifaya hails from London. A graduate of Computer Engineering from Queen Mary’s College, he initially taught IT in the North West of England.

His career has seen him work on school improvement projects across England, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. He is also a trained Ofsted Associate Inspector and has completed his National Professional Qualification for Headteachers (NPQH) at University College London.

Kif has a proven track record of leading schools to higher achievement. He joined Rashid School in 2019 to instigate stronger management and leadership to improve student achievement across both Primary and Secondary.

He has overall responsibility for school improvement at RSB and is committed to ensuring a new and exciting chapter in the history of the school. In his spare time, Kifaya enjoys exploring his book collection, and following the mighty Liverpool FC. 

Fiona Clark

Head of Secondary

Fiona has been an educator for 18 years, having qualified as an English, drama, history and politics teacher in the UK. She is CELTA trained and a graduate of both Gloucester and Warwick Universities, England. Her first career was in media, PR and marketing working in house for British charitable and quasi non-governmental organisations. She also worked as a consultant in London with organisations to improve their profile with customers and members, before the leap into teaching. 

Fiona has committed most of her teaching career to RSB Secondary, beginning as an English teacher and, after various promotions, taking on the role of Assistant Head with responsibility for teaching and learning. In September 2020 Fiona was appointed as Head of Secondary, responsible for all affairs concerning students, staff and parents. Fiona also represents Secondary on whole school affairs. 

Her best memories are of the bronze award hikes and camps and the many amazing ski trips she has been on with the boys. Outside of school Fiona has really enjoyed supporting the boys in their endurance riding, falconry and camel racing. In the past few years she has trekked in the foothills of the Himalayas and sailed from Svalbard, north of the Arctic Circle, to Tromso in Norway.

Michelle France

Head of Primary

Michelle began her teaching carrier in Australia where she was a primary classroom teacher for 12 years.

In 1998 she moved to Dubai and joined Rashid School, soon becoming FS/KS1 Coordinator. In 2014 she took on the leadership of Primary to ensure the section is dynamic and provides students, staff and parents with a positive educational experience.

Senior Leaders

Fern McGahey

Secondary Assistant Head: Teaching and Learning

Fern has been a teacher for 14 years, starting in her home country, South Africa. Living in Dubai since 2009, she has been leading Inclusion in schools. Fern completed her Masters Degree of Education in Special Needs in 2014, and most recently completed her National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership (NPQSL).

After leading Inclusion at RSB for 6 years, she is very excited and proud to be an Assistant Head this year, responsible for Teaching and Learning. Fern takes great interest in our students’ wellbeing and in the professional learning development of our teachers.

Hani Kilani

Secondary Assistant Head: Pastoral Care

Hani qualified as an English language teacher and received his Teaching Diploma from the American University of Beirut (AUB). He joined the English Department at Rashid School in September 1991 and later on became the Careers Advisor helping students choose their university path.

He was promoted to Head of Years 8 and 9 several years ago and in September 2019 became the Assistant Head – Pastoral. After 30 years at Rashid School for Boys, Hani is still committed to helping students and liaising closely with parents.

Kevin Scorah

Secondary Assistant Head: Assessment and Operations

Kevin was born in Leeds, grew up in Derbyshire and then attended what is now known as the University of Brighton, where he completed his degree in PE Teaching. He taught for two years in Crawley before joining RSB way back in 1992.

Kevin played football for Crawley Town, cricket at Eastbourne and rugby for the Dubai Exiles. Nowadays, he is most contented on the golf course or ski slopes. 

At RSB, Kevin takes charge of exams, cover, school trips and just about anything else that needs doing; a true all-rounder. In his spare time, he relaxes with the Times crossword and is a happy man now that his beloved Leeds United are back in the Premiership.

Mark Shahparaki

Secondary Curriculum Leader

Mark grew up in the Middle East himself and lived there until 1976 before moving to London where he completed his education. An honours graduate of Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Sussex where he also completed his PGCE in 1986. Additionally, he has trained as a BSME Inspector (Penta) and completed his MA in Education Leadership at the University of Bath in 2000.

Amazingly, his career at Rashid School spans four decades, joining in 1991 as Head of Physics; having taught in Crawley before that. During his 30 years at the school, he was promoted three times; initially, to Head of Science and then to Deputy Headmaster in 1997; in this capacity Mark was instrumental in setting up and overseeing the school’s innovative, hybrid US-UK curriculum which served the Emirati community so well over the years. In September 2018 he was appointed Head of Secondary, as part of the leadership restructuring.

In his final year at the school, Mark stepped down as Head of School but continues to help the SLT in an advisory capacity. In his spare time, he is an avid sportsman with a passion for football and squash which he also coaches.

Clare McIntyre

Deputy Head, Primary

Clare has had a very varied teaching career. After graduating from Kent University with a BA(Ed) in Science with Education, she began her career working in inner city schools in London. It was here that she learnt her trade as a teacher and developed her passion for quality education for all children. Clare has taught children of differing nationalities, cultures and religions and who have differing learning needs including those with special or additional learning needs, social needs and life experiences.

In 2003 Clare embarked on her international schooling career in the UAE as the Vice-Principal of Jumeirah Primary School. She went on to become a founding member of the leadership team of British International School of Abu Dhabi where she led the Student Support Services department. After having children, she returned to the classroom and taught for 5 years at Jumeirah English Speaking School.

Joining RSB in 2014 as a year 4 class teacher Clare soon took on the role of English coordinator, Phase Group Leader and eventually Deputy Head Teacher. It is with great sadness Clare leaves RSB but has a wealth of fond memories to take with her.

Mark Mullan

Assistant Head of Primary (KS2)

Mark graduated with a BA Social Sciences from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland in 2007, before completing a PCGE in Primary Education at the University of Glasgow.

Following one year of teaching in Scotland, Mark embarked on an international career, beginning in Qatar. From here, he travelled to Bucharest, Romania where he joined the International British School of Bucharest. Following two successful years in Eastern Europe, Mark ventured back to the Middle East and taught in both Jumeirah Baccalaureate School and Safa Community School before joining us here at RSB.

Throughout his teaching career, Mark has served as both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Leader; Science Coordinator; Head of Assessment and Data; and currently acts as Assistant Head Teacher for Years 3-6. He has a passion for learning and teaching, assessment, and curriculum development.

Jo Taylor

Assistant Head of Primary (FS & KS1)

Jo is in her twenty fourth year of Education, having completed her Bachelor of Education (Hons) at the University of Chester, where she was also awarded the ‘Teacher Prize’ for her graduating year. After teaching in her home city of Manchester, UK for four years, she embarked upon an international teaching career, at prominent schools in Bahrain, Malaysia and the UAE.

Jo passionately believes that every child is entitled to receive the absolute best education possible. Consequently, she has experience of working with the English National Curriculum of England, International Baccalaureate – Primary Years Programme and the International Primary Curriculum and has taught every year group from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6. As well as holding many Middle and Senior Leadership roles.

After joining RSB Primary in September 2019, Jo quickly became Assistant Head for Foundation Stage which was expanded to include Key Stage One shortly after. Despite her short time at RSB, she adores being part of the community taking a passionate interest in the students’ well-being and learning opportunities. Most recently she has taken on the role of Whole School Student Transition Lead, supporting students and our families from FS1 to Year 13 with the challenging process of transitioning to their new schools.

Abdullah Al Dmour

Primary Head of Arabic & Islamic Studies

Graduating from Al Yarmook University in Jordan 1981, Abdullah got his Diploma of Education in the same year. He was employed as an Arabic teacher in a government secondary school for 2 years then 4 years as a deputy pastoral. At that time, he completed his masters in Arabic language while teaching in the faculty of Education.

Abdulla began his RSB career in 1987 as a Secondary Arabic teacher. He moved to Primary in 1991 and was appointed Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies in 1996. He was appointed as Head of Arabic and Islamic for both schools.

In 2000 he became a member of the Primary Leadership Team.

Middle Leaders

Oliver Boyle

Head of Year 7. Head of Geography.

Oliver obtained his BA Geography and History degree from Brunel University, London before achieving his MA in International Education from Bath University, UK. After qualifying as a teacher, he worked in London before moving to Dubai, where he taught at Cambridge International School prior to joining RSB in 2003. He has taught Geography for over 23 years, with 18 of those spent here at Rashid School.

As Head of Geography, Oliver delivers an innovative and dynamic curriculum but his most important role is as Head of Year 7. With his experienced tutors he works tirelessly to provide the care and support that every student in Year 7 needs. He runs an exciting pastoral programme and recognises the importance of maintaining strong relationships with parents and local families to ensure success for our boys. Oliver is always keen to develop student extra-curricular skills, having run 14 school diving trips to the Seychelles and the Maldives, as well as annual geography trips to the U.K..

Val Bell

Head of Year 8, English Teacher

Val Bell joined Rashid Secondary in 2012. After a number of promotions, she is now Head of Year 8. Working closely with her hard-working tutor team, Val is responsible for the happiness, behaviour, attendance and safeguarding of all Year 8 students. She particularly enjoys spending time with the students and learning about their interests and life outside school. She is passionate about her English teaching and her favourite unit is William Shakespeare. Students read his most famous plays and then get a chance to wear costumes and to perform on stage. In her free time, Val enjoys reading and watching sci-fi movies on Netflix.

Greg Dawson

Head of Year 9, PE Teacher

Greg hails from Dunedin, New Zealand, the home of Otago University, where he obtained a Sports Science Degree before attending Dunedin College of Education.
Greg is a passionate sportsman having played both rugby and basketball to representative levels, as well as achieving success in sailing at a national level. He shares this love of sports on a daily basis with our students in his role as a PE teacher in our award-winning PE department.

Over the last 17 years, Greg has led a number of RSB basketball teams to both divisional and regional titles. This love of coaching has inspired Greg to complete his Master’s degree in Human Performance at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

More recently Greg has been promoted to Head of Year, working with Year 9 this year. This position that enables him to use his coaching skills to help navigate our students through their RSB experience and continue to build positive relationships within the RSB community. He works with his dedicated team of tutors to ensure that the students in his care are safe, happy and making progress in their learning and that parents are kept up to date with school life.

Hamadi Shaheen

Head of Year 10, Arabic Teacher

Hammadi Shaheen, is an Arabic language teacher with more than 14-years’ International school experience. He obtained his BA Arabic from Aleppo University, Syria and is currently working towards his MA from Ajman University, UAE.  Not just a teacher, Hamadi is also an experienced TV presenter and interviewer. As an innovative practioner, he is supportive of other teachers, running professional development workshops as a teacher trainer.

He joined Rashid School in 2013 as an Arabic teacher and in 2018 was promoted to Head of Year. This year he has taken his year group into Year 10, leading a team of dedicated and hard working tutors who are responsible for the welfare of the students in their care. 

Nicola Harrison

Head of Year 11, Science Teacher

Nicola has been teaching for 8 years after completing her qualification as a Science teacher with Biology specialism. She is a graduate from both the University of Leicester and the University of Leeds, England. Nicola’s first career was in data collection and data analysis for the NHS in England, before following her calling to become a teacher. Nicola spent 3 years teaching in England before moving to Dubai, where she has worked successfully in two bilingual Arab schools. Nicola has been at Rashid School for Boys for 3 years as a Science teacher and for the last two years she has been a Head of Year. For 2020-2021 she is Head of Year 11.  She has overall responsibility for the wellbeing, behaviour and safety of all Year 11 students. She is committed to ensuring the development of respectful and determined young men, leaving Rashid School with the best of memories from the first stage of their academic careers.  

In her spare time Nicola enjoys reading, playing with her cat and watching movies, she is a big fan of horror! She also spends time doing various outdoor activities; hiking, swimming, running, and cycling.  

Dave Harvey

Head of Years 12 and 13. Humanities Teacher

David has been teaching for over 30 years, having previously taught in the UK and the Bahamas, with Dubai being his home for the last 27 years. Whilst at Rashid School for Boys he has undertaken a variety of roles, including Head of Year 10 and 11 and Head of Year 12 and 13. He prides himself on ‘going the extra mile’ to support the students in their learning and creating a positive experience during their time in school.

David has initiated and taught a wide range of subjects including; History, Geography, Social Studies, International Relations, Business, Travel and Tourism, Leadership and Moral Education.

Ravi Sekhon

Secondary Head of Mathematics

Ravi is a Head of Mathematics hailing from Glasgow, Scotland and has been teaching for 16 years. Holding a BSc Hons in Secondary Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Management, he leads his department. After qualifying from Strathclyde University in 2005, Ravi worked in several outstanding schools, both in the UK and the UAE.

In his spare time, Ravi enjoys spending time with his family, going on staycations across the UAE and watching the “mighty” Glasgow Rangers Scottish football team – especially this season as they overtake Celtic football team as the best team in Scotland and once again become the most successful club football team in the world!

Lee-Anne Butler Slack

Secondary Head of English

Lee-Anne has been teaching for 18 years after completing her English degree and PGCE in English, Drama and Media Studies in the UK. She taught for 11 years in the UK before moving to the Middle East to teach, where she has worked at 3 bilingual Arab schools.

Lee-Anne was appointed Head of English in September 2020 after joining as Deputy Head of Department.

Passionate about creating a positive and productive learning environment, she hopes that in her lessons, all pupils feel engaged, inspired and encouraged to rise to the challenges that they are given. She understands that it is vital that all pupils be given regular opportunities to develop their creativity and interpersonal skills, whilst also preparing for formal examinations. Lee- Anne has high expectations of students in their learning, manners, and work habits.

Bethan Shute

Secondary Head of Science

With over a decade of experience, Bethan joined RSB in 2018 after moving here from Kuwait to take the position of Head of Science. Bethan graduated from the University of Bath in the UK with a BSc in Chemistry, then followed this with a PGCE in secondary science (chemistry). After teaching in the UK, Bethan made the move to the Middle East and has loved setting up her home here in Dubai.

In her role as Head of Science, Bethan oversees the science department and all areas of administration associated with it. As an enthusiastic and passionate teacher, Bethan has been working with her team to support and challenge the students at RSB to fulfil their scientific potential.

Tara Wilkinson

Secondary Head of History & UAE Social Studies

Tara graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1993 with a BA in History and English Literature. She then received her MA in 1997. This was followed by a PGCE.

Having spent 27 years teaching, she has spent the last eleven years at Rashid School for Boys teaching English, History, UAE Social Studies and Psychology. Her many leadership roles at RSB have included Psychology Coordinator and Literacy Coordinator. At present she is Head of History and UAE Social Studies.

Her interest in the history of the UAE and its local culture have developed over the years and she takes great pride in the relationships that have grown between her and the many students she has taught. As Endurance Riding Coordinator, with Camel Racing duties, she has found the local traditions fascinating and has encouraged many of our students in these sports.

Mohammed Hassan

Secondary Head of Arabic & Islamic Studies

Mohammed graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1990. He has over three decades of experience in teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies. He Rashid School in 1996 as a teacher, and was promoted to be the Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies in 2009. He looks at Arabic and Islamic Studies as two amazing subjects that are directly relevant to real life, and that influence students’ personality, attitude, loyalty to their community and citizenship, hence their importance.

Mohammed believes that the role of a teacher is not purely academic, his role is modelling good attitude, tolerance and love for mankind, this is why teaching is the most important job in the world.

Doug Cameron

Secondary Head of Design Technology

Doug graduated from Jordanhill College of Education in 1981. He began his teaching career at Larkhall Academy in Scotland. After five years he took a break from teaching to study design in Oxford, England before coming to Dubai in 1987.

Currently he is one of our longest serving members but still remembers being mesmerised by the amazing architecture and lush grounds, on his first day here. His passion for his subject and his belief in our students is still very strong. Old Rashidians still speak fondly of their DT lessons from years ago and many remember Doug’s kindness, humour and friendly demeanour.

Adrian Keech

Secondary Head of Computing

Aisling Mannion

Secondary Head of Inclusion

Aisling began her teaching career as a Primary Classroom Teacher in Ireland in 2001. Very early on in her career, she was drawn to working and supporting students with special and additional learning needs. She joined the Inclusion department as SENCO after 7 years classroom experience, and completed her Graduate Diploma in SEN.

Keen to gain some international experience, Aisling moved to Dubai in 2012 and joined an IB continuum school in Jumeirah as Primary Inclusion Leader. Meanwhile, she completed her Masters in SEN with the University of East London.

In 2015 Aisling joined Rashid School as Secondary Inclusion Teacher. This year, she has been promoted to Head of Secondary Inclusion. In addition to her teaching duties, Aisling is responsible for the strategic development of policy and provision for SEND and Gifted and Talented students.

Luanne Cash

Secondary Head of Art

Luanne was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where she majored in Fine Art with Graphic Design at Witwatersrand University. After 12 years in the industry, she opened her own Advertising Agency with Nestle, Gillette and Reckitt Benckiser accounts.

In 2008, Luanne moved to the Middle East with her husband and two boys, and changed careers to become Head of Art at AAESS. Teaching has become a passion where she is able to share her knowledge and experience with others. She has kept her toe in the door of the advertising industry and continues to create marketing materials for schools around the UAE. Alongside this, Luanne became Head of Sixth Form, seeing many students to top universities and programmes around the world. In 2019 she was awarded the Pearson Edexcel Highest Grade in the UAE and Middle East for Art & Design. In 2020, Luanne joined RSB as Head of Art.

Outside of school Luanne plays golf, loves cooking, entertaining and travelling


Robert McLaughlin

Secondary Head of PE

Born in Brynmawr, “Big hill” in Welsh, Rob graduated in Biological Sciences from Warwick University. After a few years in Banbury he arrived at RSB in time to represent the Arabian Gulf at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens in 1991.

He captained and subsequently coached the Dubai Exiles RFC and tried to instil that passion for rugby into the boys at RSB. He also coached the infamous Barrelhouse Yobs to The Dubai Rugby Sevens title in 2010.

Rob has always tried to stay fitter than the students and has run the New York Marathon and completed a Half Iron man. We can rebuild those knees!

A personal highlight was walking to Everest Base camp with the boys and staff from RSB. This formed a springboard for further trips to Kenya, Indonesia and China. What a place to work!

Bernard Steponitis

Secondary Head of Sound Technology

With a Sussex University Music and Education degree in hand, Bernard left the UK for Paris and spent the 1980s teaching EFL, and working in a recording studio.

Returning to teaching as a Head of Music in the UK, he found both Mark Shahparaki and Kevin Scorah working at the same school. His life has never been the same since. After stints at Edexcel as Chief Examiner for A’ Level Music Technology, and at City & Guilds, Pearson and RSA as a writer of vocational units, he was finally persuaded to leave his Assistant Head job in a Brighton school, arriving at RSB in 2006. He wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and doesn’t know how he’s going to cope without the fantastic camaraderie, and Phillip’s curries.

Heather Broderick

Secondary Head of French

Heather graduated with her PGCE in MFL from Durham University and after 3 years in England, moved to Qatar. Since then, she has been teaching French and English in the Middle East for 11 years. After 4 years in Doha working as Head of French department, she moved to Abu Dhabi, developing her role as PD coordinator.

She completed her MSc in Educational Leadership in 2015 and has a profound interest in leadership, professional development and self-improvement.

Heather moved to Dubai in 2018 to work at RSB as Head of French and ran the department as a solo teacher until the schools’ closure. Her passion lies in all things French, the importance of exposure to the language through trips and cultural exchanges and promoting language learning through connections to students’ first language.

Linda Rooney

Secondary Deputy Head of Mathematics

Linda graduated from the University of Limerick after completing her Education Degree. From there she moved to the UK where she worked in one school for 6 years before moving to the UAE.

Linda joined Rashid School for Boys in September 2019 and is currently Deputy Head of Maths, helping to support the Head of Department with the day to running of the department.

Outside of school, Linda enjoys spending time with her family.

Alan Jones

Secondary Head of Biology

Graduating from Staffordshire University with a BSc(Hons), Alan went on to complete his PCGE in Secondary Education at Manchester University.

His teaching career begin in his home City of Stoke-on-Trent as a teacher of science, Head of Biology, Lead Science Advisor and a science subject mentor for future PCGE students.

In 2009 he moved to the UAE working first in Abu Dhabi, eventually arriving at Rashid School in 2014. Alan has enjoyed seven wonderful years as the Head of Biologyand would describe his students as fun, engaging and colourful. He feels privileged to have been a member of the RSB staff. Wishing them, his students and their parents, every success and moment of happiness that life can offer.

Sammy Macvicar

Secondary Head of Physics

Sammy has been teaching at RSB for five years. Before that, he spent two years teaching Physics in the south-east of England, eighteen months of that was spent at the school he once attended.

Sammy has a long history of sporting achievements, most notably, having represented Great Britain Students Football Team at the World University Games (the second largest multisport event after the Olympics) achieving a Silver Medal, narrowly losing the final to France in extra time!

Munir Jamal

Secondary Deputy Head of Arabic & Islamic Studies

Munir is a life-long learner and a bi-lingual educator. He has taught Arabic for native and non-native speakers, Islamic Studies in Arabic and English, Social Studies in English and Sociology in English too. As a middle leader Munir was head of Arabic and Islamic Studies at RSB from 1995 till 2009, Head of the Student Support department and lately Head of Islamic Studies. As a senior leader Munir was the head of an IB school and an American curriculum school. Passionate about professional development, Munir is a school person who is very happy helping other colleagues to improve in their careers and get promoted. He has a positive personality and believes that having good intentions will lead to a good life.

Sorcha Coyle

Secondary Literacy & Language Coordinator, English Teacher

Sorcha has been teaching at RSB for the past 5 years. Before that, she spent 4 years teaching English as an Additional Language at an international school in Qatar. When she left Doha, she moved to the UK to complete an MA in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching at King’s College London, specialising in supporting Gulf learners of English. Last year, she took on the role of Literacy & Language Coordinator to promote the teaching and learning of Academic English at Key Stage 3.

She also runs the Empowering Expat Teachers community, whose mission is to empower future and current expat teachers to lead personally, professionally and financially rewarding lives. In addition to being an experienced expat teacher, she is also a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches.

Keir Dowswell

Secondary Public Relations Lead, Teacher of Computing & Media Technology

Keir graduated in Film and TV from Bond University on the Gold Coast in Australia and has been a Secondary teacher at Rashid School for Boys for the past eleven years. Keir’s pathway to becoming a teacher was not traditional: he began his career working in the industry, as a Film Producer and Media Technician. Whilst not typical, Keir believes that this background is key to his success in education. Keir learnt ‘on the job’, studying for both his PGCE and CELTA qualifications, whilst teaching full time.

In addition to the various aspects of my teaching responsibilities Keir has directed, produced and edited RSB’s Graduation Video since 2005 and has recently taken on the role of Public Relations Lead, responsible for the design and production of the Year Book as well as preparing content for the school’s social media presence.

Amelia Gillies

Secondary Head of Innovation, Science Teacher

Amelia has been teaching for the last five years in Dubai and before this taught in England and internationally for 6 years. Amelia gained her Bachelors in Chemistry from Manchester Metropolitan University, her PGCE Secondary Science from Brighton University and recently completed a Masters in Educational Leadership from Roehampton University.

Amelia is passionate about moving education forward and combining technology with education. She aims to provide an education that is not only rich in subject knowledge but also provides skills that equips students for life outside of the classroom.

Hazel McConnell

Secondary Deputy Head of English

After graduating from University College Dublin with a PGDE in English and History, Hazel obtained a CELTA certificate and immediately ventured into international teaching. Following a year of teaching in a secondary school in Spain, Hazel relocated to Dubai, where she has spent the past nine years.

Hazel joined Rashid School for Boys in September 2019, and was appointed as Deputy Head of English the following year. She is passionate about helping students to become aware of their capabilities, challenging them to raise their standards.

Outside of the classroom, Hazel has sought to help students harness their creative abilities. During her time in Dubai, Hazel has worked with students to set up a school magazine, has encouraged entries into Dubai’s annual Literature Festival, and, after establishing a writer’s workshop, has helped students publish a book – a collection of poems and short stories.

Alison Chapman

Primary Head of Inclusion

Alison graduated from Jordanhill College of Education in Glasgow. After 5 years of teaching in Scotland, Alison moved to Sharjah in 1988 and then she spent 5 years at DESS in Dubai.

In 1995 Alison set up a nursery in Zabeel Palace for 4 royal girls. Sadly, that had to come to an end after 8 months when her husband’s job took them to Athens.
Alison returned in 2002 to work at LSG. This time with a family in tow.
11 happy years after that, Alison returned to Scotland however, it was only 2 years before the lure of Dubai was just too strong and Alison returned to take her current position as Head of Inclusion in RSB in 2015.

Alison feels privileged to have watched Dubai grow into the luxurious, beautiful, International city that it has become. Her two children had the benefit of growing up in Dubai and Alison feels sure that one day they will return to work and experience life here as an adult.
Alison will now live between Spain and Scotland but she will be forever grateful that she was able to call Dubai her home for 25 years.

Simon Wing

Primary Computing & Digital Integration Lead

Simon has worked in the education sector as a digital integration and innovation specialist for 10 years. His extensive knowledge and skills in the use of digital technology in schools has earned him international recognition as an Intel Global Visionary Educator and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. He has spoken at the biggest industry events around the world as well as local Teach Meet events in the UK.

Simon joined Rashid School in 2017 as head of computing and digital integration. During his time at the school, he has also held the position of head of data and assessment and head of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Eisha Mehta

Primary Foundation Stage Leader

In 2012 Eisha graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a BA in Early Childhood and Education Studies. She continued her studies, completing her PGCE, majoring in Early Years.

After teaching for a year in the UK, Eisha decided to embark on her international career. Since moving to Dubai in 2014, Eisha has taught at both GEMS Wellington and Dubai Heights Academies. She joined the RSB team in 2020 and has loved being part of the final year journey.
When she is not teaching, Eisha can be found at F45 classes or doing a puzzle.

Andrew Toward

Head of Primary PE

Andy graduated from St Marys College in Twickenham in 2005 and then moved over to Butler University in Indianapolis, USA on a running scholarship for 2 years.  On leaving the US, Andy completed his PGCE at Kingston University and taught at St James Boys School in Twickenham.

After another few years at various schools in UK he moved with his new wife to Regent School in Dubai where he took a PE teaching job for 4 years. Then he made the decision to move across Dubai to teach for the next 6 years at RSB.

Kathryn Scott

Primary English Lead for FS and KS1

Kathryn graduated from LIHE Liverpool University with a Bachelor of Education. She began her teaching career in South West London, before starting her family. She moved to the UAE with her husband and two boys, joining JESS at Arabian Ranches as an Early Years practitioner.

Kathryn joined RSB in 2010 working in both FS2 and Y1. She currently holds the post of literacy coordinator having previously been the PSHE subject leader. Working at RSB has given her an insight into Emirati culture and feels privileged to have had a window into the lives, language and culture of her students. Kathryn looks forward to her next role, but will not only miss her students, their families and her colleagues, but also the institution and ethos that RSB stands for.

Bronwen Brauteseth

Primary English Lead for KS2, Learning Assistant Lead and Inclusion Teacher

Bronwen graduated from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa with a Bachelor of Primary Education and specialisms in Learning Support, Community and Environmental Education. Upon completing her further studies, she took up her first teaching post in Dubai.

In 2007, Bronwen joined LSG, where she ran the TESL programme in the primary school. After returning to South Africa for a few years, she returned in 2015 to develop SEND training programmes, set up systems and improve provision for students with Special Educational Needs in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In 2017, she finally joined Rashid School as an Inclusion Support Teacher, where she has worked closely with students, parents, and teachers to support students from FS 1 to Year 6. Bronwen has loved her time at RSB, and her hope for each student is that they will lead a life of compassion, courage and kindness.

Mark Rees

Primary Maths Lead

Having previously taught for 4 years in the UK, Mark has now been in Dubai since August 2012. It was only meant to be for 2 years!

With 3 amazing years at RSB, Mark has taught years 4, 5 and 2. RSB has afforded Mark many opportunities that he will remember forever. It would not have been the same without these fantastic boys. Stories to tell for a lifetime!

Covid-19 has made Mark reassess his future and he has decided to stay in Dubai just one more year (famous last words!). He intends to relocate to Canada in the near future.

Iona Pearson

Primary Science Lead

Iona graduated from Northumbria University with a Business Studies degree. She worked in the Corporate Travel sector for a number of years, for American Express and Andersen Consulting.

She gained her PGCE at Nottingham University and has taught in the UK, Cyprus and Dubai. Teaching in both IB and the National Curriculum of England and Wales she has held posts in Inclusion, as a specialist EAL teacher and a class teacher.

She enjoys exploring the UAE with her family and loves life in this wonderful country!

Suzanne Massie

Primary Moral Education & Student Council Lead

Suzanne graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business Management & Spanish from Glasgow Caledonian University. She then continued her studies and was awarded her PGCE Primary Education and obtained a PGCE Primary Physical Education.

Suzanne spent 5 years teaching within mainstream and residential schools in Scotland before relocating to a sunnier climate in the Spanish Canary Islands. After achieving her TEFL qualification, Suzanne worked as an EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher in a bilingual school in Las Palmas before teaching at The British School of Gran Canaria in Maspalomas.

Suzanne has always had a passion for travel and in 2012 she volunteered for several months teaching in a school and orphanage in Tanzania. The adventure continued and in 2014 Suzanne made the decision to move to Dubai. She spent two years teaching at Repton School before joining the RSB team where she has gained many memorable experiences teaching Year 5, 4 and 3.

Suzanne is a certified ‘Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher.’ She is passionate about supporting children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Gavin Harrow

Primary UAE Social Studies Lead

Gavin graduated with an MA Hons in History and then obtained a postgraduate teaching qualification.

He has worked at leading international schools in several countries. He enjoys working with children from different nationalities. Working at RSB has allowed Gavin to deepen his understanding of Emirati culture.

Gavin has a particular interest in how digital technology can be integrated into the classroom to make learning more enjoyable and effective for all students.

Christopher Shrubsole

Primary Assessment & Data Lead

Chris had the opportunity to join RSB in its final year. Working at RSB in the final year of its journey allowed Chris to experience the Emirati culture in our unique setting. Chris worked alongside the renowned Year 6 team and was instrumental in ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for the Year 6 boys to their new schools. His calm, some may say laid back, approach brought a warm learning environment to RSB and even though his journey was shorter than most, his impact was appreciated.

Alison McNee

Primary Art Lead

In 2004 Alison graduated from Paisley University with a BSc Hons in Biology and Psychology. In 2006 she continued her studies at Glasgow University and completed a PGCE in Primary Education. Alison taught in Aberdeenshire, Scotland for 5 years before moving to Dubai.

Alison moved to Dubai in 2011, joining the RSB team as Y1 class teacher in 2013. During her time at RSB she has worked in both KS1 and KS2 and led various subjects. She has loved being part of the Rashid team and will miss the happy faces of all the boys.


Bronagh Owako

English Teacher

Bronagh has been teaching for the last 9 years, having completed her degree in Theology and English in Maynooth, Ireland and her teaching degree in Trinity College Dublin. After graduating, she moved to Kenya where she spent eight years teaching English Literature and English as a first and second language to international students.

Having been a Head of Year, she is very passionate about the students in her care. Bronagh strives to help students reach their full potential in their examinations and she is a certified Cambridge AS English Language examiner.

Before moving to Dubai, she obtained her CELTA qualification and joined Rashid School in 2020. Bronagh has a clear understanding of all students and the importance of differentiation in her classroom, ensuring that her lessons are adapted so that every student can access the curriculum.

June Boothe

English Teacher

June has over 30 years’ teaching and education management experience. She has a BA Honours Degree in Education and a Master’s in TESOL and Applied Linguistics. June has been dedicated to improvement of teaching and learning standards in the capacity of Advanced Teaching and Learning Coach, Head of Department and Assistant Principal.  During her teaching career in Nottingham, UK, June developed a reputation for her positive impact, working with students from diverse backgrounds and needs.

June relocated to the UAE in 2009 to apply her coaching strengths in a Senior Teacher Advisor role supporting teachers in schools in the Western Region as part of Abu Dhabi’s School Improvement. Since then, she improved exam results as Head of Department in the International School of Choueifat, steered the organisation through accreditation as Assistant Principal of a private school in Sharjah until deciding to return to her true calling in the classroom, teaching English.

Throughout her time at Rashid she has developed excellent relationships with students and has enjoyed leading Student Council over the years.

In her spare time June is an IELTS speaking examiner and a volunteer for Dubai Cares.

David Madeleine

Design Technology Teacher

Abdul Khalek Al Nemer

Arabic Teacher

Abdul Khalek graduated from the University of Aleppo in Syria and then completed his diploma and master’s studies in linguistics and phonetics. He was able to work in higher academies in Syria and the United Arab Emirates, as he taught in the American, British and International Baccalaureate curricula.

He joined Rashid School for Boys in 2018 and is still working until now.  Flexible, persistent and accommodating students. He has a passion for football and the history of the game, he loves FC Barcelona in Spain and Liverpool in England.

Abdulhakim Al Abdullah

Arabic Teacher

Abdul Hakim has been teaching for 15 years after obtaining his degree in Arabic language in the Syrian Republic. He studied for 15 years in the United Arab Emirates, where he worked in 4 British bilingual schools.

Abdul Hakim was appointed as a teacher of Arabic and Islamic Education at RSB in September 2013.

As a high school teacher, he had the opportunity to teach a diverse group of students, including those with learning disabilities, and those who were intellectually gifted. As a result, he is adept at planning and implementing creative lesson plans that accommodate a range of learning styles and students’ needs.

He enjoys learning and exploring different teaching strategies, adapting to different approaches, building positive relationships with colleagues, students and parents, and constantly reflecting on and improving his teaching practice.

Mohamed Abdulaziz El Tahawy

Islamic Studies Teacher

Mohamed is a KHDA approved Islamic Teacher with a degree in Islamic Religion from Al Azhar University and Training course in the UK.

With over 10 years experience of teaching in the UAE he has enjoyed the recent challenges that distance and hybrid learning have brought.

Experienced with using differentiation strategies, he is committed to student-centered learning, with a focus on tailored lesson plans that cater to individual learning styles and methods.

Mohamed is most proud of his deep commitment to understanding students’ unique challenges, with very good relations with students and parents.  He is passionate about breeding Arabian horses and training falcons.

Mohammed Elborolsey

Islamic Studies Teacher

Mohammed was born in Egypt, where he was in the top ten of students to gain his high school diploma. He went on to graduate with a Bachelor Degree from Al Azhar University.

Travelling to the UAE, his first job was as a mosque Imam and then he qualified as an Islamic Studies teacher and went on to work in the Dubai Industrial High School.

In 1996 he was handpicked by Dubai’s Rulers’ Office to work at Rashid School because he was recognised as one of the top three Islamic Studies teachers in Dubai at the time. He has dedicated 25 years of his adult life to serving the students and their families, working tirelessly to promote Islamic values with all students.

Mohammed Youssef

Arabic and Islamic Teacher

Mohamed is originally from Tunisia, qualifying as an Arabic and Islamic teacher (A&B), achieving a degree of Arabic Literature: Certified in Civilization, Literature, Arabic Grammar, Methodologies, Linguistics and Educational Sciences from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia.

He’s had the opportunity to work for a number of prestigious schools in a number of countries including Tunisia, Oman, and the UAE where he’s been teaching at Rashid for 22 years.

The variety of teaching experiences he’s had thus far has given him a definite understanding and appreciation of different cultures and ethnicities. These experiences have allowed him to learn and explore differentiated teaching strategies, adapt to different curricula, build positive relationships with colleagues, students and parents and continuously reflect and improve upon his teaching practices. His passion for teaching is fuelled by the collaboration of ideas with other professional educators.

Sofia Rhodes

Inclusion Teacher

Sofia joined RSB (Secondary) in 2014 as a learning support assistant whilst completing her degree, Master of Arts in Secondary Education, at Dalarna University, Sweden. As a qualified teacher in EAL, History and Geography, Sofia is working as a Learning Support Teacher and is truly enjoying her time at RSB with the boys. Sofia has a particular passion for inclusive schools and pastoral care.

Cian Lombard

Design and Technology Teacher

Ashley Hughes

Humanities Teacher

Ashley has been teaching internationally for ten years, the last 6 years in the Middle East. She has a BA in History and an MA in English Language Learning and has taught History, English and ESL to elementary, middle, and high school students.

Ashley joined the RSB Secondary team as a history and geography teacher in February 2021. She has been impressed with the welcoming and collaborative staff and the absolutely beautiful campus. It has been a pleasure for Ashley to get to know the students of Rashid School for Boys in its final months of operations.

Daniel Street

Art Teacher

Daniel graduated from Cheltenham College of Higher Education in 1999 with a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art, specializing in painting. After working for Haymarket Publishing in London as an advertising manager. Dan ventured into teaching and completed his PGCE in 2007. After completing 3 years of teaching at a leading ‘Arts specialist’ school in Devon, UK he moved to the UAE in 2010.

Daniel initially taught at Emirates International School, before joining RSB. He enjoys sharing his passion for Fine Art with the students at RSB. He will miss the community spirit of togetherness shared by the students and staff alike. Dan says ‘Students at Rashid have led the way in producing daring and extraordinary artworks, utilizing the support of staff and our amazing facilities and demonstrating the creativity and determination that thrives within the Emirati culture.’ 

Joshua Phillips

Humanities Teacher

Martin Rodden

Humanities Teacher

Gethyn Bugler

Humanities Teacher

After graduating from Swansea University in 2013, Gethyn took a couple years out of education before returning to do his PGCE in Secondary Education. Beginning in Wales, the country of his birth, he then moved to Rashid School and has loved making Dubai his home.

Keith Spencer

Maths Teacher

Keith Spencer has been in education for 23 years, after earning his B.A. in Mathematics (Number Theory) at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Keith has worked as a Mathematics teacher, Head of Mathematics, and Head of Teaching and Learning in Dubai. Keith also had a short stint as a Principal as well as Department Head of Mathematics, in the United States before moving to the UAE. Keith has taught UK, IB and US curricula while in Dubai.

One of Keith’s loves besides education is basketball. Keith was a standout high school basketball player and was awarded the Gatorade State Basketball player in Massachusetts as well as playing basketball on the collegiate and pro-level in NDBL. Keith now is an avid fantasy premier league fantasy football player and writes fantasy football blogs and articles for a variety of sites and is a regular contributor for

Keith joined Rashid School for boys as a Science teacher in 2015 and now is a member of the Maths department.

Gerard Cannon

Maths Teacher

Rukhsana Saleem

Maths Teacher

Rukhsana has a degree in Mathematics from Brunel University, London and a GTP in Secondary Mathematics Education. She started teaching mathematics 17 years ago in London, in an inner city school. During the 10 years she was there, Rukhsana progressed to Head of Department before moving abroad to lead mathematics departments in Qatar and Abu Dhabi. In 2016, she moved to China to be a Founding Principal of an international high school for Chinese students, who wanted to prepare for international universities.

In 2019, Rukhsana returned to the UAE and in 2020 joined Rashid School for Boys.

Waseem Faris

Sound Technology Teacher

Waseem Faris is both a primary and a secondary music teacher. Born in Baghdad, Faris has been living in the UAE for over 20 years. He joined Rashid School for Boys as a full time Sound Technology teacher in 2003. His educational background started in the Music and Ballet School-Baghdad and in 1986, he joined the Institute of Musical Studies in Baghdad where he earned his Diploma Degree with honour distinction in 1991.

He developed the Iraqi folkloric instrument -Al Jouzeh – in 1992 and held a patent for his innovation in 1997 after presenting a research, certified by University of Baghdad, to the Department of Qualitative Control & Standardization at the Ministry of Planning.

Gerard Finnegan

Science Teacher

Gerard is a Science teacher from Ireland with a qualification in Physics, Biology and Agricultural Science. He has an interest in environmental rehabilitation and ecological conservation and have been involved in scientific research in this field. He also has a particular interest in mechanics and quantum physics and enjoys learning about this new field of science.

fter studying at the University of Limerick and teaching in Ireland for two years, I moved to the UAE where I have been working as a teacher for the past 6 years. I have enjoyed working here at Rashid school where I have had the opportunity to learn more about the local culture and history of the UAE.

Liz Turner

Science Teacher

After Graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in Biology, Liz attended Bristol University to attain her PGCE in Secondary Science. She started her teaching career in a London fringe school in Welwyn Garden City where she worked for 5 years and took on the pastoral roles of Head of House and Deputy Head of Year. During this time, she also coordinated key stage 4 science.

After a relocating to Cambridgeshire in 2003, she worked for 12 years for the St Neots Learning Partnership of schools, progressing to PSHCE coordinator, Lead Teacher of Science and Assistant Subject Leader of Science. Liz also set up and coordinated the student council and taught EOTAS students during this time.

Upon relocating to Dubai in 2015, Liz worked at Dubai English Speaking College and Jumeirah English Speaking School before joining Rashid School for Boys in 2020.  Liz is also a judge for the Emirates Literature foundation short story competition with Oxford University Press.

Liz has a particular passion for the pastoral care and smooth transition of students and also the accessibility of the curriculum for all.

Patricia Torres

FS1 Teacher

Graduating from the University of Canberra with a Bachelors of Education, she specialised in Early Years.  After 4 years of teaching in Australia, Patricia decided to pack up and move internationally to the UAE.

She began her UAE journey in Al Ain in 2013.  She spent 6 years as a KG2 teacher and Head of Faculty for the Ministry of Education in various schools around Al Ain. Afterwards, Patricia decided it was time for a new adventure and landed in Dubai at Al Mizhar American Academy.

In 2020 she was lucky enough to join the RSB family as an FS1 teacher. Even though her time here has been short she feels extremely grateful to have been a part of the RSB final journey. She will miss all the RSB community spirit and the smiling FS boys.

Azhar Ahmed

FS1 Teacher

Azhar Ahmed was born and educated in the UAE. She graduated from University in 2001, where she studied English language.

With 20 years in education sector Miss Azhar is an experienced and passionate early years bilingual teacher within Dubai. She has taught in several schools in Dubai. Azhar joined RSB in 2012 where she has always striven to ensure children have the best possible education, whilst developing personal characteristics that will bring them success in later life.

Anna Buckley

FS2 Teacher

In 2008 Anna received her Honours degree in primary teaching from Marino Institute of Education, University of Trinity, Dublin.

After graduating, she worked in Dublin, teaching children between the ages of 4 and 10. In 2016 Anna was looking for a change of scenery and some adventure, so she moved to Dubai!

During her time in the UAE she has taught the IB and British curriculum as an FS2 and year 1 teacher.
When RSB closes, Anna will move back to Ireland, where she will teach again in Dublin and settle back into life with her family. What will she miss most about life in the UAE? The smiling faces of the boys from FS2 who greet her every morning at RSB!


Kathleen Mc Inerney

FS2 Teacher

In 2008 Kathleen graduated from The National University of Ireland, Galway with a BA in English and Psychology. From there, she went on to continue her studies at Canterbury Christ Church University in England where she completed her PGCE in Primary Education in 2010. Kathleen spent the first three years of her teaching career in England teaching across Key Stage 1.

Having always wanted to teach abroad, Kathleen decided to embark on her international career and moved to the UAE in August 2013. Kathleen spent 4 years teaching in Abu Dhabi under the UAE Ministry of Education. She worked as a Grade One and KG2 Lead teacher during this time. Kathleen moved to Dubai in August 2017 and continued her teaching career at Al Ittihad KG, Jumeirah.

Kathleen joined the RSB family in 2020 as an FS2 Class teacher. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time teaching the boys and will miss being greeted by their friendly faces each morning and listening as they share their news! RSB has been a wonderful school community to be part of and Kathleen feels privileged to have been part of the final journey. She wishes the boys the very best for the future ahead and hopes they continue to believe in themselves, dream big, and achieve their goals. Remember “If you can dream it, you can do it” -Walt Disney.

In 2020 Kathleen trained to be a certified ‘Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher’. She believes student wellbeing should be embedded in the curriculum and has a core role to play in education.

Jill Ferrie

FS2 Teacher

Jill graduated in 2005 with a BED (Hons) in Primary Education from the University if Dundee, Scotland.
After graduating, she worked in Dundee, teaching Primary One to Four. Jill moved to Dubai in 2012 firstly taking up a post at Jumeirah Baccalaureate School teaching KG2 and Grade Leader. During her time at this school, she was also ICT Coordinator.

In 2016, Jill joined the RSB team as a Year 1 teacher for two years, then Year two and latterly FS2. Jill will move back to Dundee, Scotland this Summer to take up a new position. Jill will dearly miss the people she has met on this journey and RSB will always hold a special place in her heart.

Riham Kamal

FS2 Teacher

Riham graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Education major in class teacher, Arabic form Al Yarmouk University. She spent the first two years of her career in Jordan at The International School of Choueifat. She married and moved to Dubai enjoying her life, having different experiences with different curriculum as she joined Al Ittihad Privet school in 2001 as an Arabic teacher for Grade 1 and 2 for six years.

In 2007 Riham joined Uptown School for ten years as PYP Arabic, Islamic, Social Study and two years as English teacher for Pre-K. In 2017 Riham Joined Clarion School as Progressive Arabic, Islamic educator, and leader for KG and 1-5 Grades. Through this time, she has had a passion for learning, so Riham joined Middlesex University Dubai to continue her Master Degree in Education “Developing Effective Coaching and Mentoring” Graduated in 2019. Riham loved to be part of the RSB family in 2017. She is still looking forward to new enjoyable journey in Dubai.

Dameer Al Omari

FS2 Teacher

Dameer graduated from Yarmouk University, Jordan majoring in Arabic Language and Literature. In 2007 she joined the teaching profession.

In 2011 she moved to Abu Dhabi teaching at the Middle East School and then Al-Hikma Private School in Ajman. In 2015 she joined the Creative Science School in Sharjah (ISCS) for a period of four years and then finally In 2019, she joined RSB!

Ben Pritchard

Year 1 Teacher

Ben graduated from Northampton University with a degree in Primary Education Teaching. He spent the first 2 years of his career working in the rival school of his local football team before deciding to move to Dubai.

In 2013 Ben moved here to work in SRS as a Year 6 teacher. He set up the computing scheme of work and helped digital integration across the years.
Ben moved to RSB in 2018 and has taught in KS1 and KS2. During his time here, he has helped with digital integration across the school and enjoyed working with innovation. Ben’s favourite teaching experience has been at RSB and he will always reflect fondly on his time here.

Claire Morris

Year 1 Teacher

Claire graduated from Staffordshire University with a degree in International Business Management. She spent eleven years working around different parts of the UK in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical Industry. In 2012, Claire gained her PGCE from the University of Sunderland, moving to the UAE in 2011. She began her teaching career in Abu Dhabi and, in 2015, Claire moved to Dubai and taught in another school before moving to RSB in 2018.

She has taught across KS1 and FS2. Claire’s favourite school is RSB. She has only taught here for a short time but the memories will last a life time.

Elaine Forsythe

Year 2 Teacher

Originally from Scotland, Elaine has been an overseas teacher for almost 30 years. She has taught in Spain, Italy, London, and UAE. RSB is her second Dubai school and definitely her favourite! During her 6 years at RSB, Elaine has taught years 1 and 2.

Ciara Robinson

Year 2 Teacher

In 2008 Ciara graduated from the University of Saint Patrick’s College of Education, Dubin with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in History and Geography. In 2009, she continued her studies at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth where she completed a Masters in Irish History before completing a post graduate course in Primary Education at Brunel University in London. Prior to moving to the UAE, Ciara taught in London for four years. During this time Ciara held the responsibility for coordinating Primary Literacy and mentoring NQTs.

In 2014, Ciara embarked on her international teaching career with her move to Dubai. Two years later she made the best decision of her career and joined RSB. Five amazing years later, she has taught years 4, 2 and 1.

In 2020, supported by the RSB team, Ciara returned to education and was awarded her International SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Coordination accreditation. she has loved being part of the RSB family and has fond memories that she will treasure forever.

Shaimma Abdulrazzak

Year 2 Teacher

Shamma studied Arabic literature at the Faculty of Literature of Damascus University.

She taught four years in government schools in Syria for Years 7-12. She then moved to Dubai, initially working at Choueifat International school

She finally joined RSB at the beginning of 2013 and has taught from FS2 to Year 4.

Amira Rady

Year 2 Teacher

Amira studied French in the Faculty of languages and got her master degree in French literature from Ain Shams University.

All her experience in Egypt was teaching French in the faculty of Education.

She joined RSB in 1993 and has taught mainly in Early years but in KS1 as well.

David Bell

Year 3 Teacher

After graduating from University, David wanted to travel. He decided to come to the UAE for a year in 1990 and is still here! He worked at three other schools before he arrived at RSB six years ago. David met his wife, Jo, in Dubai and has two children who were both born here. David is a keen (not good) golfer and loves cycling in Dubai and on his travels in the summer.

Manal Abu Issa

Year 3 Teacher

Manal graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Literature from Beirut University. She started her career as an Arabic Language and Islamic Culture Teacher for grades 1, 2 & 3 at various schools in Jordan.
She moved with her family to Dubai in 1998 to work In Dubai New Educational School and WesGreen International School before finally joining RSB in 2003.

Manal has worked with the primary years and Arabic department to support students from Year 1 to 4. Manal has loved being part of the RSB team and enjoyed working with such wonderful staff and students.

Nariman Al Tork

Year 3 Teacher

Nariman graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Educational Science & Psychology from Jordan University in Amman.

She started her career as a School Counselor at the public schools in Amman. And then she moved with her family to Abu Dhabi in 1997, returning briefly to Jordan to complete her Higher Diploma in Learning Difficulties and started working with SEN students.

She joined RSB in 2003 as an Arabic Inclusion teacher, working closely with the Arabic and Inclusion departments to support students from Year 1 to Year 5. Nariman loved being part of the RSB team and enjoyed working with such an amazing staff and students for over 18 years.

Laura Marino

Year 4 Teacher

Laura obtained her teaching degree and award at Kingston University in the UK. In the last 12 years she has taught in different countries and schools before transitioning to consulting on various projects working for companies like FP7 and DTCM.  Her last project was leading the “Customer experience transformation project” for the second largest regional school operator Aldar Academies. It made her realise how much she missed teaching and being in the realm of education where her passion lies.

Since then, she has thoroughly relished being part of the Rashid School team, amassing numerous memorable moments which she will cherish forever!

Naser Shonikat

Year 4 Teacher

In 1996 Nasser graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (Arabic Language and Literature) Faculty of Education from Al-Qadisiyah University in Iraq.
With more than 23 years of teaching experience as a teacher of Arabic Language and Islamic education in pioneer schools in UAE, he started his career with the Al Ahlyia Charity Schools in Dubai.

In 2007 he joined Rashid School for Boys as an Arabic Language & Islamic Studies teacher in KS2. He has really enjoyed participating in all activities, programmes and events in the school such as camps, sports, health and cultural days. To him “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”– Malcolm X

Nahed Taha

Year 4 Teacher

Nahed is a Lebanese Educator with 29 years of teaching experience. Her academic background includes a Masters of Education in Hands on Learning in 2014 from Murdoch University International Study Center in Dubai. She also holds a Bachelors of Education in Early Childhood Education from Lebanese American University in Beirut with a certification of Early Childhood Education from zero to six years old. Also, a Diploma in Teaching Arabic Language on the IB System-ISCN- 2020.

Her experiences include being a homeroom teacher of early years and an art coordinator for the primary department. She has worked for several schools across Jordan and the UAE and for the last 19 years, she has been working at RSB. Her position as a bilingual Foundation Stage Homeroom teacher.

She is passionate in her commitment to maximizing individual student performance, inspiring students to become independent critical thinkers, and instilling a sense of self-worth among all students.

In RSB’s final year she gained a valuable experience by joining the Arabic Inclusion Team to support the learning.

Ahmad Rbaihat

Primary Islamic Teacher

Ahmad’s goal is to establish a promising and educated generation that appreciates religion and values. A generation capable of implementing its tradition and culture in modern society while taking pride in their identity and religion. 

In 2003 Ahmad graduated with a Bachelor degree of Islamic Studies from Al-Fakih Collage and Law Studies in Jordan. A Holder of KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) approval for Islamic Studies and many training course and certificates. Ahmad fulfilled a role as an Islamic teacher at Al Khaleej National School in 2015 – Dubai U.S. primary and middle school curriculum. In 2013 he worked as an Islamic Education Coordinator for Middle and High School at Al Ittihad Private School, Mamzar. In 2009 he was the Islamic teacher at Al Ittihad Private School – Mamzar, Dubai -U.S. primary and middle school curriculum. Also, as an Islamic teacher in Al Soulouk Al Qawim, Jordan – Amman. In 2006 he worked as an Islamic teacher in center for memorization of the Holy Qur’an in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs – Jordan. In 2004 he worked as a Holy Quran Memorization Supervisor in the center of Hira. In 2003 he worked as a Supervisor for Quran Memorization in Dabbagh Center, Supervisor in orphanage center for a period of two years and Social supervisor three months (the Charity Authority).

In 2018 he has joined Rashid School for Boys as an Islamic Studies teacher for middle and primary classes.

Julie Atkinson

Year 5 Teacher

Julie was born in England and came to Dubai when she was six years old. She attended Dubai English Speaking School and then Dubai College, before returning to England. From there her family went to live in Australia. Julie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education from Monash University and then a Graduate Diploma in Special Education from Deakin University, both in Victoria, Australia.

Julie started her teaching career In Australia but she always thought of Dubai as her home and eagerly came back in 1998, working at Al Ittihad School and Jumeirah Primary School. Twenty years ago, (in 2001), she joined Rashid School. Here she has been a learning support teacher, a science co-ordinator, and a class teacher in years 1, 4, 5 and 6.

Julie has been heavily involved with many different projects at RSB to bring the families and wider community together. For example, she has produced several school productions, organised the Friendship Games with the Special Schools in Dubai, created Year 6 graduation dinners and established links with outside companies such as Dubai Petroleum for beach clean-up days.

Julie has always loved being part of the RSB community; watching the boys she has taught go on to achieve posts at universities across the world and begin fabulous careers in Dubai.

David Groarke

Year 5 Teacher

David is originally from Ireland and graduated with a postgraduate teaching qualification from the UK.

He has been an overseas teacher for the past 10 years and has thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that go with it.
David joined the RSB team 2 years ago and has loved developing his teaching in KS2.

David has many fond memories and experiences teaching the boys and wishes them all well with their new adventures.

Maryam Denton Cardew

Year 5 Teacher

Maryam is half Iranian, half British. She moved to the UAE in 1994 and went to school in Sharjah. Following that, she attended university in Canada.

Maryam is a huge football fan and has a passion for sustainability and protecting the environment. She really enjoyed her years working at RSB and is sad that the adventure is over!

Abeer Alquader

Year 5 Teacher

Abeer graduated from Al Al-Balqa ‘Applied University in Jordan 2010 with B.A in Applied Arabic Language.
Two years later she started her career as an Arabic Teacher in Al Thuraya private school in Dubai, then moving to Al Khaleej National School.

In 2017, Abeer got a chance to Join Rashid School, working in the Primary Arabic Section.

Recently 2020, Abeer finished her Diploma in Teaching Arabic Language Based on the IB System.

Aoife Creaven

Year 6 Teacher

Aoife graduated from university in her native city of Galway, Ireland. After, she decided to move to London and complete her post graduate in teaching. She spent a total of three years teaching in an inner-city school in London. It was here that she learnt the true value of education for all and the importance of inclusive learning. Her role as international Co-ordinator, setting up many links with different schools around the world, gave her an understanding of diversity. It was an invaluable time in Aoife’s career.

In 2010, she decided to take the leap and move abroad to pursue her passion for teaching and travel. She moved to Dubai. Her plan was to stay for two years but eleven years later and she is still here! After four years she joined the RSB team. She has been teaching here for a total of 7 years across both key stages and also leading maths.

Aoife has loved her time at RSB and thinks fondly of all the students that have passed through her classroom. She will cherish all her experiences and stories. She looks forward to hearing all the adventures that her students embark on in the future.

Hannah Winstanley

Year 6 Teacher

In 2007 Hannah graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Edgehill University in Lancashire, UK. She then spent some time travelling before working for a year at a small country primary school in Manchester.

Hannah moved to the UAE in 2010 and worked at GEMS Wellington Primary School for 3 years teaching in Key Stage 1. Since 2013, Hannah has thoroughly enjoyed working at RSB as part of the Key Stage 2 and Maths team. She will deeply miss all the boys, families, and her colleagues.

Naglaa Zaher

Year 6 Teacher

Naglaa graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor Degree in Education & Arts, majoring in Arabic Language at Al Mansoura University- Egypt. Also, a Diploma in Teaching Arabic Language and many training course and certificates.

In 1998 Naglaa started her career working with the Ministry of Education Schools in UAE by joining Al Imam Abu Haneefa Primary in Dubai. Then Nazwa Secondary School, Sharjah in. In 2001 she was nominated by the school to receive the Sharjah “Excellence Award.

Naglaa joined Rashid School in 2003 as an Arabic Language teacher for lower primary, intermediate and secondary. She has enjoyed participating in school activities, especially the stage productions! Naglaa’s passion is to inspire and elevate the boys’ academic level to win Arabic awards locally and globally.

Muna Mubaidin

Year 6 Teacher

Muna Mubaidin graduated in 1983 from The University of Jordan – Psychology Department and Faculty of Education. She started her career as a Social Counselor in Secondary level from 1983 to 1989 in the Ministry of Education of Jordan. In 1990 she worked as a Learning Support teacher in the Ministry of Education primary schools in UAE. 

Muna joined Rashid School for Boys in the Arabic Inclusion Team with her husband Mr. Abdullah the head of Arabic & Islamic studies Department in 1998 at RSB. She enjoyed being a teacher for Arabic Learning Support in KS2.

Dom Mann

Primary PE teacher

Dom graduated DMU Bedford in 2000 and lasted 1 year in UK’s rain before adopting Dubai as the brighter and warmer family home. He taught PE in a variety of schools in Dubai at Secondary level before taking the ‘best decision ever’ and moving into Primary PE at RSB.

Alongside teaching PE for 6 years to all year groups, and especially enjoying the FS year groups, Dom has coached the school football teams, swimming teams and athletic squad. Whilst at RSB Dom ran the ski club and also led 2 ski trips to Switzerland.

Niamh Robinson

Inclusion Teacher

Niamh graduated from the National University of Ireland with a Bachelor of Arts International majoring in English, French and Spanish. In 2008 Niamh graduated from St. Mary’s University London with a PGCE in education. She returned to Ireland and worked as a classroom teacher. Upon completing her Masters of Education, she led an inclusion department in an inner-city boy’s school in Dublin.

As a lifelong learner Niamh is a qualified Reading Recovery Teacher, an Elklan Language Teacher and a qualified SENCo. Niamh has spent 7 wonderful years teaching at RSB. She feels very privileged to be part of the RSB family.

Michael Gillies

Inclusion Teacher

Michael graduated in 2009 from
Manchester University with a Bachelors in History. Afterwards, Michael had a career in fine art, managing art galleries in the south of England. He moved to the Middle East in 2013 to work as an Operations director in Dubai until 2019 when he went back to the University of Birmingham to obtain a PGCE.

Michael joined RSB’s inclusion team in 2021 and is very grateful to have been able to work with such amazing staff and wonderful students.

Admin and Support Staff

Linda Jackson-Hall

Office Manager and PA to School Principal

Born and bred in Lancashire, Linda and her family moved to Dubai in August 2008.

Whilst studying Business Administration at Preston College in 1991, Linda took a casual job working for the Invalid Care Allowance (Department for Work & Pensions); the said casual job turned into seventeen years!

Upon moving to Dubai, Linda was introduced to an Emirati family who employed her as a shadow for their children at Dubai British School. Thoroughly enjoying working at the school she become a teaching assistant and work experience coordinator. During this period Linda also gained her Masters in Global Human Resources with Liverpool University.

After taking a year out of Dubai spending time in Jakarta and Brighton, UK, Linda returned in 2016.

Accepting the role of Principal PA/Office Manager was one the best decisions she ever made. Linda is committed to supporting the Principal, being the first point of contact for staff and leading an amazing admin team; all in this stunning environment, with staff wellbeing taken

Lina Schallah

PA to Head of Secondary

Lina graduated as a Biotechnologist from University of Sharjah-UAE and worked in Paediatric Clinic as Clinic Admin and Doctor PA.

In 2018, she started working in RSB as an Admin Assistant and Receptionist and was promoted to PA to the Head of Secondary and Admin Supervisor.

Lina’s works with all school staff, students and parents ensuring that the school functions effectively on a daily basis.

With no less than perfection, Lina approaches her daily activities and obstacles and proactively resolves them on timely manner and with best quality.

Lina has a unique working style yet she works well as a team player, she is positive, focused, creative, honest, and task oriented


Amanda Duthie

PA to Head of Primary

Born in the UK Amanda moved to Dubai in the summer of 1981. She attended Dubai English Speaking School before going to boarding school in England. After completing her studies at Westminster Catering College in London she returned to Dubai.

Amanda found herself working in administration in a media house in Dubai and was there for 15 years. She returned to the UK for a complete career and worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for the NHS ambulance service.

The lure of Dubai and her family was too strong, and after nearly 5 years returned to Dubai to get married and have a family, and to join the team at RSB.

Mandy Misselhorn

Primary School Nurse

After graduating in 1989, Mandy worked as a Midwife in South Africa. She has also spent many years working in Surgical Theatres, Intensive Care Units, Psychiatric hospitals, and Community Health clinics. 

In 2002 she relocated to Dubai with her family and joined the RSB team as Primary School Nurse in 2014 where she has been focused on the health and well-being of our students. She has very fond memories of her experiences during the many years spent in this role.

Ghina El Sioufi

Secondary School Nurse

Nancy Hage

Whole School Student Counsellor

Victoria Gilzean

Secondary LRC Coordinator

Vikki moved from the UK to Sharjah with her family in 1999. She was born in London but lived mostly in North Hampshire. She joined the Dubai branch of the British Council in 2000 where she worked as the Librarian and Customer Services Supervisor until 2005. In 2006, she studied for the Graduate Certificate of Management with Robert Gordon University before returning to the UK in 2005. Vikki then went on to study for a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science with City University in London in 2007. After graduating she then went on to work as the Learning Resource Centre Manager for City and Islington College in London, which involved managing a team over two campuses.

Vikki then returned to Dubai to join RSB in 2008 as the Learning Resource Centre Coordinator. During her time at RSB, Vikki has overseen the complete refurbishment of the library, implemented library management systems and reading programs as well as encouraged students to read for pleasure and progress. She gained Chartership with the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in 2017. She supports weekly literacy lessons both on and offline and believes passionately in the power of literacy in all its many forms, to unlock students’ potential.

Sara Farhat

Primary Librarian

Sara received her BSc in Pharmacy in 2010 from Ajman University. Accumulating over 10 years of experience in the education sector in UAE., she enjoys working across diverse roles. Currently she is the Primary school librarian at RSB.

In addition to her current role, she supports class teachers. Sara also managed the school social media platforms during lockdown.

Sara’s long-term goal is to become an aspiring figure in the education sector. She’s open to challenges, conversations, and an exchange of ideas from education leaders. She wants to use her untiring commitment and drive to achieve excellence.

Rana Haddad

Primary Administration Officer

Imtishan Rafiq

Network Manager

Imtishan joined Rashid School for Boys in February 2017 as the Assistant Network Manager. He has over 9 years experience supporting schools and their IT provisions. He previously worked at various schools within the UK and was the Network Manager at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School in Birmingham before joining us at Rashid School.

During Imtishan’s time at Rashid School for Boys, the IT has evolved significantly. From moving to Office 365, iPads, WiFi, Print services – the level of IT has come leaps and bounds and gave students the tools and resources needed to excel at their learning.

Aleli Macapagal

IT Technician

A Computer Science graduate from a university in the Philippines, Aleli is one of the school’s IT Technicians. She has worked as an IT professional for 23 years in different industries including Latifa School for Girls and an international school in Shanghai, China before joining Rashid School for Boys.

In RSB her main role is providing technical assistance and support to school staff and students. This includes sorting different issues with desktop and laptop computers, Apple devices, Internet and network access, printers, Microsoft applications and other software used in school. Aside from resolving IT Helpdesk issues on a daily basis she also maintains, installs and configure other IT hardware and software applications.

Lloyd Secretario

IT Technician

Simon Foster

Database Manager

Lazar Barreto

IT/AV Technician

Lazar joined Rashid School for Boys as a AV Media Technician in 1999. He has over 25 year’s experience in AV, Photography and now is a member of IT Department. He provides invaluable support to the teaching team and more recently been responsible for digitalising the RSB audio and visual library.

Amer Al-Morabet

Lead Network Support Specialist

Amer is the Lead of Network support at Rashid School. He holds a BSc Degree in Electrical Engineering (Communication & Electronics), from International University for Science & Technology (IUST).

He has been working in the UAE for 7 years as an IT Support Engineer and has been specially trained in computer networking and Smart Technologies for E-Learning.

He says that his philosophy of educational development starts with a belief that change and inspiration happen through conversation, the kind of conversations that bring people closer to the heart of shared concern, give them new eyes to see both the problems and possibilities and set the stage for taking creative action.

Oswald Aranha

Secondary Administration Officer

Wafaa El Din

Secondary Administration Officer

Rita Reefit

Secondary Administration Officer

Sheryl Aranha

Secondary Administration Officer

Sheryl grew up in Dubai and then attended Mumbai University in India, where she completed her degree in Accounting & Finance and is currently pursuing ACCA.

She joined RSB in 2020 as an Accounts Assistant Intern in the Shared Services Department and was then promoted to an Admin Officer, working whole school.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and also has a passion for music, especially playing her guitar and ukulele.

Nour Abu Sneneh

Secondary Learning Assistant

Brad Owako

Secondary Teaching Assistant

Brad joined Rashid School in January 2021 as a teaching assistant, working predominately with the PE Department. During his time, he has provided support to teachers and students and has worked closely with the secondary students. He is a qualified Teaching Assistant having completed his CACHE qualification and TEFL course, enabling him to teach English as an additional language. He has a passion for working with students and has successfully worked with a range of students of varying abilities, sharing his love of sports with them. In his free time, Brad plays for Dubai Exiles Rugby Team, and coaches their U6 and U19 teams. He has previously represented Kenya on the National Rugby Team, playing in International tournaments and was scouted by Fenix De Club, a Rugby Club in Zaragoza, Spain. He is a certified Level 1 and Level 2 World Rugby Qualified Coach.

Jackie Toyne

Secondary Learning Assistant

Jackie’s career has spanned over 30 years working as a Learning Support Assistant in a total of 8 schools, primarily in the UK but the last 2 here in Dubai.

Due to her husband’s career in Aviation, Jackie has moved home a total of 9 times but has always enjoyed being part of education wherever she has gone. During her career Jackie has helped to teach many children including some with ‘Additional Needs’ such as Impaired Hearing, Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. She has been involved in planning and seeing through 2 UK National School Inspections both to a ‘Very Good’ standard. She also had the role of Deputy Head of Nursery of Northwood Prep in London.

Jackie has been in Dubai for 6 years. She worked at Victory Heights Primary School and more recently Rashid School for Boys.

Although her time at Rashid School has been relatively short she has thoroughly enjoyed her time working with a very professional Team, in challenging circumstances through the Pandemic. She would like to take this opportunity to wish all in the school community all the very best for the future.

Craig Blake

Secondary Learning Assistant

Jeanine Fritz

FS1 Learning Assistant

Jeanine has lived in Dubai for 18 years and has been working in Early years across different settings for the past 12 years. Being a qualified nurse and ex-flight attendant working with people, especially children brings  her joy.

In 2018 Jeanine joined the RSB family with great excitement and enthusiasm.

During her time here you would always find her laughing and having fun with her babies, the youngest members of the RSB Community.

Ms Jeanine will continue to live in Dubai with her husband and 2 teenage boys.

Inas Bott

FS2 Learning Assistant

After working in hospitality for more than 18 years, in 2009 Inas decided to change career, got her UK Cache level three diploma and embarked on her education career as a qualified EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) nursery teacher at Child’s Play Nursery for over 10 years. 

In 2019 Inas joined the RSB family as a learning assistant for FS1, and for FS2 the following academic year.

She is very passionate about working with young children, very punctual and committed, taking her work very seriously. Inas is a great team member, supportive and hard-working (for both her teachers and her students).

Cara Small

FS2 Learning Assistant

Cara joined the Foundation Stage team in 2019, having worked in Early Years for over twenty-five years.

As a graduate of Norland College, Ms Cara has had a varied career from Norland Nanny, Nursery Manager to Early Years Assessor.

During her time at Rashid, Ms Cara has enjoyed teaching the boys new songs, getting creative using a variety of media such as paint, glitter etc with the boys.

She will continue to live in Dubai with her husband and two teenage children. 

Jacqui Volpi

FS2 Learning Assistant

Jacqui joined Rashid School for Boys in 2016 working across both KS1 and KS2.

With a career of 20 years in the central London property market, Ms Jacqui moved to Dubai in 2008 with her husband and daughter. 

She will split her time between London and Dubai from next summer when her daughter will start University in the UK.

Ms Jacqui has thoroughly enjoyed her time working with the boys and she will miss them hugely.

Jill Ayre

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Ms Jill cheerfully joined the Year 1 team in 2018 and has watched with pride as each of the Y1 students have progressed. 

A graduate, with 20 years of sales and business development experience, Ms Jill moved to the Middle East 15 years ago with her husband and 4 children.

Ms Jill will be fondly remembered for her smile, patience, dedication and love of creating magnificent display boards.

She now looks forward to having time to ride horses in the desert and will carry on living in Dubai with her family.

Kaylea Fitzpatrick

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Originally from the UK, Miss Kaylea moved to the UAE from Australia with her husband and baby in March 2016.

Prior to working at Rashid School For Boys, Miss Kaylea had an extensive aviation career as Cabin Crew, Cabin Crew Ground School Instructor and Senior Emergency Procedures Instructor spanning across three Australian airlines.

Kaylea started at Rashid School in 2019 as a Learning Support Assistant and then as class Learning Assistant in Year 1.

Miss Kaylea believes that being at Rashid School feels home; surrounded by beautiful smiles and cheerful cheeky children.

Falasteen Alkhaldi

Year 1 Learning Assistant

Ms Falasteen joined the fs2 team in 2016 for two years as a LA then moved to be an Arabic learning assistant in year one and two . 

She studied nutrition and food technology but worked as an Arabic tutor for foreigners.

Then in 2017 she got her CACHE Level 3 Award in early years education.

She had the best time at RSB  She looks forward to welcome her baby girl soon and will continue to live with her family in Dubai.

Sinead Brennan

Year 2 Learning Assistant

A Dubai veteran with more than 25 years in the Emirate, Ms Sinead joined the Rashid team in 2019.

Prior to joining the school, Sinead worked as a Senior Recruitment Consultant for twelve years.

She brings to the role a wealth of experience from working across a diverse range of industries. 

Proud to be Irish, Sinead is always calm under pressure. She enjoys being part of a team and loves spending time with the boys.

She will continue to live in Dubai with her husband and two teenage children. 

Shirley Stitt

Year 2 Learning Assistant

Miss Shirley had the honour of joining the RSB family in September 2018.

Miss Shirley has lived living in Dubai for over 7 years with her husband and 2 teenage daughters.

Miss Shirley had worked in the events industry prior to moving to Dubai from Ireland, even though she’s very proud to be Scottish!

Miss Shirley will miss all of her lovely boys immensely but is looking forward to a new chapter with her family in Dubai.

Smira Ahmed

Year 3 Learning Assistant

Ms. Smira joined Rashid School For Boys in 2020 working across both Y2 and Y3.

Originally from Canada, Ms. Smira moved to the UAE with her family in 2009. As a marketing professional, she has spent her time in Dubai as a Marketing Freelance Consultant. 

At RSB she has had the opportunity of combining her love of children and her vast experience in marketing, working in a double role as a LA and Social Media Coordinator.

This has been a rewarding time in her career, as she has loved been able to share with rest of the world all the amazing things that happen in RSB!

Hilary Upshon

Year 3 Learning Assistant

Ms Hilary joined the RSB team in 2011 where she worked in Year 5 and 6 for 4 fun filled years. She took a break until this academic year to spend more time with her own family.

Miss Hilary has a varied career which has included aviation, hospitality and a swimming teacher.

She has lived in Dubai since 2007 and will continue to do so. 

Ms Hilary will cherish the special memories made over the years of both the staff and students at RSB.

Richard Berry

Year 4 Learning Assistant

Mr. Richard joined Rashid in 2013. He has worked in several year groups and is always keen to get involved in exciting projects with the boys.

Before working in school, Mr. Richard worked in the theatres of the West End. He has brought a wealth of experience about drama and technology. 

Mr. Richard is a keen and talented golfer. He is looking forward to more adventures in Dubai with his family. 

Rachel Thomas

Year 4 Learning Assistant

Ms. Rachel joined Rashid in September 2018. She has enjoyed working with all the boys, especially with the iPads.

Before joining Rashid, Ms. Rachel worked at other leading schools in Dubai. She has also worked in the aviation industry for many years.

Ms. Rachel has lived in Dubai for 21 years and enjoys yoga and running in her spare time. 

Sandra Hedges

Year 5 Learning Assistant

Ms Sandra was fortunate enough to join the Rashid team in the great year of 2020.

Ms Sandra worked in aviation for 16 years in various roles taking her to all parts of the globe. In 2016 Ms Sandra and her family decided to move to Dubai for the beautiful weather and her husband’s career. 

Ms Sandra brings a carefree and friendly approach to the work environment which has proven to be infectious amongst staff and pupils. She will carry on living in Dubai with her family with a smile on her face and a skip in her step.

Louis Denham

Year 5 Learning Assistant

Mr Louis recently joined the Rashid team in the final few months prior to closing.

Mr Louis previously graduated with a 2:1 degree in Physical Geography at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK. Mr Louis also underwent his entire schooling years in Dubai from 2001 onwards.

Since joining, Mr Louis has injected a fresh and young feel to the team, making both the team and pupils appreciate his presence. He has quickly settled in as well to ensure the last few months at RSB can be as enjoyable as possible.

Jida Jaanini

Year 5 Learning Assistant

Jida graduated from the University of Jordan with a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering. She then worked as a production manager for an adhesives company. After a few years in Australia she settled in Dubai, first as a freelance teacher at Omega Institute, teaching Arabic to Non-Arabs, GEMS Wellington Academy and Repton School .

In 2017, she started working at the Rashid School for boys as an ILSA and then in Arabic Learning Support. For the last seven years, she has attended and completed various courses related to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and has completed her SEND Diploma and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Diploma from the Centre of Excellence (UK). She has most recently obtained a Diploma in Teaching Arabic Language Based on the IB system. Jida is passionate about helping kids to succeed and to improve their academic level and is always willing to go the extra mile to help the kids overcome their learning difficulties.

Jayne Bezzina

Year 6 Learning Assistant

Jayne joined Rashid in the January of 2015 after raising her family in her adopted home of Australia. 

A graduate of Human Biology from Glasgow and a Masters of Health Science from Queensland University of Technology, where she lectured in Health Science, Ms Jayne has travelled and worked near and far. From the south of Alabama, rural Queensland, rainy Cardiff, Sunny Sydney and penultimately Dubai.

Jayne will be fondly remembered for her dedicated and committed approach. She worked in both Key stage areas and had a great impact in both (but not known for her IT skills!).

She now looks forward to travelling with her husband before they return to Australia.

Lee Jones

Year 6 Learning Assistant

Lee joined the RSB team in the January of 2019 after relocating from Kuwait to Dubai with his young family.

A graduate of Aberystwyth University studying media, Lee has had a varied work career ranging from bin man to kit man and then finally finding his place within the world of education.

 Lee has been a well-regarded member of the team, working within year 6 over the last 2 years and often IT support for various members of KS2. He will be remembered most fondly for his big hair, big belly, and big personality. 

Lindsay Anderson

Inclusion Team - Learning Support Assistant

Lindsay joined the Rashid team way back in 2008.  Before that she worked in Latifa School for 5 years. She has worked in FS1 all the way through to Year 6. She is passionate about learning and her care and compassion for the boys shows through when she works with them.

She has lived in Dubai for almost 30 years and is renowned for her love for

Al Wasl football team. She is often found chatting with the boys about football.

Sarah Hoey

Inclusion Team - Learning Support Assistant

Sarah joined Rashid as an ILSA in 2019 and became part of the Inclusion team in 2020. Has previously worked in other schools as a TA. Her main career was in beauty therapy and later practiced hypnotherapy.

She is looking forward to moving back to the UK this year to be near her family especially her 2 Son’s.

Gemma McGeehan

Inclusion Team - Learning Support Assistant

Gemma joined Rashid in September 2017 in the Inclusion department after working in aviation for a number of years.

She has lived in Dubai for 19 years and will remain here with her husband and two children working in another school.

 Ms Gemma will be remembered for her smile and her willingness to help others.

Mona Abdul Moniem

Admin Officer

Mona, hailing from Egypt, spent 10 years as Egypt Air cabin crew, globe-trotting and seeing the world. She married her husband and came to Dubai to set up her home and have her 2 sons. 

Mona joined RSB in in the Admin team in 2012 as an administration officer, where she has grown from strength to strength and has become the right hand to the PA to the Heads. Mona is a dedicated, conscientious and loyal member of the team. She is supportive of all who are around her with a smile and a can do attitude. 

Mariam Fouad

Admin Officer (Translator)

Mariam, Egyptian by nationality, was born in Dubai, specialising in linguistics and translation from the University of Sharjah. She joined RSB in 2015 as the translator for Primary. She became the translator for the Whole school in 2020. 

Gladys Aranha

Admin Officer (Media Resources)

Gladys, originally from India came to Dubai with her husband Oswald (who is also at RSB) in 1990. She worked in a shipping firm before joining Latifa School for Girls back in the early 1990s, in the catering team. She joined RSB in her current role in 2005. 

Gladys has professionally grown over the 30 plus years to becoming an integral member of the Admin team – specialising in the attendance recording of the boys. Always meticulous, her attention to detail is second to none. She is always eager to take on a new task with a smile and positive attitude.


Philip Moffat

Catering Manager

Philip Benjamin Moffat has been in UAE since 1985 after completing his studies in Hotel & Catering Management. Prior to joining Rashid school, he was working in Abu Dhabi. He started working for the school since 1987 He heads the Catering & Hospitality services ever since. He is Member of Institute of Hospitality UK from 1993.

As head of catering he has the unenviable task of keep up with the demands of both teachers and students in terms of all catering needs which includes the daily requirements, outdoor activities, and special functions.

Philip has enjoyed his work at Rashid School as there is always a challenge and his tenure at the school has been a wonderful journey.

Ashokan Veettil

F&B Coordinator

Ashokan started his career in Dubai over Started My Career in Dubai more than 25 years ago as an Assistant Waiter at the Dubai Hilton (Beach Club). He was then promoted to Senior Waiter and then joined as A Team Leader at Jumeirah International (Jumeirah Beach Club).

In August 2003 he joined RSB, as a Head Waiter and in 2007 he was promoted to Food and Beverage Coordinator.

He has really enjoyed the challenge of working at Rashid and has some sweet memories. He remembers some amazing events over the years, especially the buffets, set menus, the annual Welcome Gala dinner, Iftar, National Day lunch and the end of year lunch.

Animon Joy

Catering Purchase Officer

Animon completed his graduation and PGDCA in Kerala, India. In hospitality, he started in food and beverages services at Madinat Jumeirah. After a few years he moved to sales and marketing in a leading hotel supplies company. From there, he got an opportunity to work as a Purchase officer at Rashid.

He is in charge of all the purchasing for catering services. He ensures that all consumables and perishables are received and ensures procurement standards are met. He is a vital part of the catering team.

Kuriakose George


Josephina Venturina

Stewarding Team Leader, Head Waitress

Gigi originally work in the Burj Al Arab before joining RSB in November 2003. She is part of the Catering Department and as the HACCP Coordinator for the school, responsible for hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace.

Varghese Varkey

Head Waiter

Ravikumar Krishkhsamy

Chef de Partie

Ravikumar provided general assistance to all sections of the catering department. He ensures the cleanliness of all preparation areas and assists in maintaining stock rotation in the school stores. A very good handyman’’ he carries out repair works when necessary and has specific responsibility for ensuring that all fridges and freezers are operational during holidays.

Biju Muthathiyan


Deepu Pillai

Assistant Pastry Chef

Jerwin Yao

Sous Chef, Foreign Food Cook

Mohanan Sankaran

Ramkumar Senthurpandi

Kitchen Assistant

Sabu D Silva

Hot Kitchen Chef

Sudheer Sreedharan

Chef de Partie

Thomas Antony

Chef de Partie

Upali Wickramasooriya

Demi Chef

Ajas Kadirunny

Pastry Chef

Ajay Kumar

Head Baker

Bijumon Joy

Foreign Food Cook

Ravikumar Krishhsamy

Chef de Partie


Michael Rosario

Site and Maintenance Manager

Mick has had a long and varied career in the UAE and the UK. Various of his previous roles have include Operations and Logistics for the redevelopment of the Kempinski Hotel (Mall of the Emirates) Project, Operations Manager for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon as well as many varied and exciting events across the UAE.

Facilities Manager since 2016, this year has been his greatest challenge yet! As our COVID-19 Safety Officer, he manages the daily operations in both Primary and Secondary schools; making sure both facilities meet the relevant safety and security protocols. He is also in charge of refurbishment and renovation, negotiating with contractors, conducting regular fire alarm and internal breach drills. Even more important than in previous years he is responsible for maintaining daily cleaning and hygiene practices across both sites.

It is Mick and his team that keep the learning environment safe and clean.

Daniel Varghese

Maintenance Foreman

Akhil Sudheendran


Jiju Babu

Electrical Engineer

Navas Rasheed

Driver & Maintenance Technician

Paramjit Singh

Driver & Maintenance Technician

Samji Abraham

Driver & Maintenance Technician

Sheejith Tarane

Maintenance Technician

Subbia Kandasamy

Caretaker & Assistant Carpenter

Tom Jose


Shrinu Pulkum