RSB held its final Alumni evenings on 15, 16 and 17 June 2021. Students from every graduating year attended and the evenings included science and art projects, tours of DT, the Library and the Lecture Theatre. Many Alumni also got whisked away by Miss Michelle and her team for a tour of Primary. Miss Clark and the rest of the Secondary team were so delighted to see so many students return. Memories were shared, Laughter echoed in the school corridors and friendships were rekindled.  

There were so many proud moments for the RSB community. Stories of successful careers in a range of different fields both here in the UAE and across the world, ground-breaking innovation and discoveries, continuing education at Masters and Doctorate levels, as well as the touching stories of growing families and the birth of the next generation of Emiratis. The teachers especially were very humbled by the words of thanks that so many Alumni shared.  

The highlight for many was the reception in the Y12 Common Room, where students were presented with the just-published Al Usrah, a 35-year history of Rashid School for Boys. Mr Kilani and Mr Harvey hosted our guests and there were zoom links to staff across the world including Mr Swinney, Mrs Dowswell, Mr Coombes, Mr Bracey, Miss Angie, Miss Julie, Miss Slevin and many more.  

Alumni left with their own copy of Al Usrah, a special Banoffee Pie thank you box from Mr Philip and his team, and for quite a few, as many old Yearbooks as they could carry! 

Mr Khan, School Principal, commented ‘It was a fantastic series of events for our Alumni. It is so important to keep the ties of friendship across the years and we hope that as #newRSB emerges the community spirit, that has come to define RSB through the years, will become stronger.’ 


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