The role of the school nurse and health Information

The school nurse role at RSB is a vital part of school life and exists to provide many functions such as :-

  • To promote health within the school environment
  • To administer First Aid and treat minor ailments that occur during school
  • To work with parents, staff and health care professionals regarding specific health concerns
  • To co-ordinate the provision of school medical and dental examinations
  • To maintain accurate and up to date health records
  • Provide information to the parents regarding medical and dental visits

Your son's health is of prime importance and if you have any health concerns, the school nurse is contactable in the school clinic during normal school hours and you may telephone or speak to her in person during this time.

Illness and Absence

The school reserves the right not to admit any student who appears to be suffering from an infectious or contagious disease. If your son is feeling unwell in the morning and requires Calpol or similar medication we do ask you not to send him to school for the day as by mid-morning the medication has worn off and your son will feel unwell again. If your son is suffering from the following:-

  • Fever
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Ear or eye discharge
  • Tonsilitis or sore throat
  • Infectious skin rash eg. Chickenpox
  • They should not come to school until they are completely symptom-free and recovered.

Healthy Eating

All boys should have a healthy breakfast, at home to start the school day alert and attentive. Morning snack and lunches are provided in the school and are prepared and guided by the school's Nutrition Policy. They are healthy, balanced, nutritious and of suitable portion size for your son's developmental needs. As certain students have allergies to particular foods we discourage sharing of food, and we are a "nut-free" school. Body Mass Index (BMI) is monitored for all students, and extra health education, and nutrition and fitness advice is given to groups of students whose BMI is considered to be a risk to their health. Encouragement of healthier eating, targeted exercise and regular monitoring is offered to these boys and we maintain close liaison with their families for home support.


Due to the hot climate, adequate hydration is essential to prevent headache, stomach ache, muscle cramps after exercise, and heat exhaustion. Plentiful drinking water is provided in school and students are encouraged to drink regularly throughout the day. Keystage 1 boys are provided by the school, with their own drinking cups to use at the water cooler, Keystage 2 boys should bring in their own water bottles to be filled with water, and these need to be cleaned daily at home.


In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, in line with RSB policy your son will be taken to either Rashid Hospital or Nad Al Sheba clinic, depending on the nature and severity. You will be contacted by the Administration Department to inform you of this. Please ensure that any changes in contact telephone numbers are notified immediately to the school.

Medical Examinations

According to School Health guidelines, school medicals are carried out on entry to the school and at certain key stages. This will include a general physical examination, height and weight measurements, visual screening and hearing test. You will be notified in advance of this and a written report will be sent to you upon completion of the medical. The school's designated doctor is Dr. Dejan Jovanovic, MD., Msc (SRB) SMAS who is a Sport's Medicine specialist from The Village Medicentre at Motorcity, Dubai.

Dental Health

Dr Michael's Dental clinic visits once a year and provides a visual dental check-up for students. Parents are sent a letter following this advising of their son's oral health status. The hygienist also provides an oral health and hygiene presentation for all students.


The Department of Health requires the school to maintain current vaccination records for each student. Please supply the school with an up to date copy of your son's vaccination record and inform the nurse when your child receives any vaccinations from your physician so that his health records can be updated. Vaccinations are not administered at school.