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Secondary Book Week 2019

Today saw the start of RSB Book Week, in the secondary section, with more than 300 students and staff reading quietly in the hall.  After an introduction to the week four teachers each talked about their experiences as authors.  Mr Mohammed Yousef explained how writing for newspapers and learning English had helped him with his career as a teacher.  Then Mr Andrew Hatcher talked about the history book he has written about the pace of change in the 20th Century.  Mr Munir Jamal spoke about his book concerning the history of the sons of Jacob and, finally, Miss Sorcha Coyle explained how her interest in teaching and travel led to her writing a guide for expat teachers.

So RSB Book Week has not only been about reading, but about the value of writing, too.  It was probably a surprise to many that we have such a talented and creative group of the staff.   Further opportunities to encourage and support reading will take place throughout the week.

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