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School Inspection

This week Rashid School welcomed an inspection team, who have now completed a full inspection at the school.  The inspectors visited more than 60 lessons and met with groups of parents, teachers and students.  The inspection process has been very detailed and thorough, with the team looking at everything from the standards of teaching, resources, links with parents and health and safety. 

We will receive a written report from the inspection team in a few weeks' time and we look forward to sharing this with teachers and parents.  The report will outline our strengths and also suggest areas where we can improve, and we will work hard to implement these.

Fit for life week, 2017

This week our Primary Section has held a full, busy and very successful Fit for Life week.  Right from the beginning, with Wake Up, Shake Up on Sunday morning, the week has been packed with a wide range of trips, sports days, special events and session with parents.  Parents, students and staff have enjoyed great food, visiting speakers and challenging physical activities.

Learning how to get healthy and stay healthy is an important aspect of our school's curriculum and I would like to thank all the staff and parents who have supported these activities, and a special thank you to Mr Andy, Mr Dom and Mr Dave from our PE Department for the central role they played in such a great week.

Enjoy your weekend, and if you still have any energy left, take part in the Dubai Marathon on Friday morning!

Prayers for rain

Water is a precious gift, particularly in the UAE, one of the driest countries in the World.

Today, at the request of HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of the UAE, our students are joining tens of thousands of people around the country in praying for rain.

The prayers, which will take place in both the Primary and Secondary Sections of the school, will be led by our Islamic Studies teachers.

National Day celebrations

Throughout today we are holding events in school to mark Commemoration Day and then to celebrate UAE National Day.  In both sections of the school we will be holding special assemblies in the gardens followed by a National Day Lunch.

UAE National Day is an important celeration for all of us at Rashid School for Boys and I would like to wish all students, their families and friends of the school an enjoyable National Day Holiday.


Where will you be in 2026?

At this morning's Key Stage 1 assembly our Year 2 students introduced boys and parents to the RSB Time Capsule.  This is a metal box that will be buried in the school grounds on National Day containing items chosen by the pupils.  It will then be dug up again on National Day 2026.   We chose Year 2 boys for this as they will be in their final year at RSB in 2026!


The Time Capsule is being buried for the third time, it was originally buried in 1995, and then again in 2005.  So this time the box will contain items from 1995, 2005 and 2016.  We know which boys should be here in 2026, but I wonder which teachers will also be here on 2nd December 2026?


Year 8 travel guides

This week all our Year 8 students took part in a two day travel adventure camp.  Day One consisted of teams of four students guiding a member of staff around Dubai using the metro, RTA buses and abras or water taxis.  They boys were following a series of challenges and clues to navigate around the city and many were using public transport for the first time.

Day Two was an overnight camp in the desert in the Al Qudra area of the emirate.  The experience was a great one for all concerned and introduced many of our students to new ways of travel within Dubai.

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