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Year 8 travel guides

This week all our Year 8 students took part in a two day travel adventure camp.  Day One consisted of teams of four students guiding a member of staff around Dubai using the metro, RTA buses and abras or water taxis.  They boys were following a series of challenges and clues to navigate around the city and many were using public transport for the first time.

Day Two was an overnight camp in the desert in the Al Qudra area of the emirate.  The experience was a great one for all concerned and introduced many of our students to new ways of travel within Dubai.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan addresses students

This morning His Excellency Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Bin Tamim, Head of General Security for Dubai, made a presentation to our Secondary students.   General Dahi Khalfan talked about the importance of being self-reliant and independent, and about the value of education.   His presentation also touched on issues such as Internet safety, being responsible on the roads and being considerate and tolerant towards others.

The students listened with great interest to the presentation and we were honoured to have General Dahi Khalfan take the time to give these important messages to the students at Rashid School.

Wonderful book week

Today saw the start of an exciting selection of Book Week activities.  In Primary all the staff and students turned up as Roald Dahl characters, so the school was full of Big Friendly Giants, Oompa Lumpas and Giant Peaches.

Secondary started with an assembly where poet and former student Wael Al Sayegh talked about what reading meant to him, and why it is so important to read.  He said that in his travels around the world he had 'never met an important or influential person who did not enjoy reading.'

The week is going to continue with visiting authors, competitions, 'drop everything and read' lessons, plus a host of other exciting reading activities.

Islamic New Year holiday

On Sunday 2nd October the school will be closed on the occasion of the Islamic New Year.   We will re-open on Monday 3rd October.

I would to take this opportunity to wish all staff, students and their families our very best wishes for this holiday.

Four international trips start this weekend

There is little to rival international travel as a way of broadening our thinking and supporting learning.  This weekend we have four trips heading overseas with many of our older students.  We have AS level Art students heading for Spain, other Year 12 students heading for a History trip to the UK, plus two groups of Year 11 students also flying for England to learn more about geography, history and the social sciences.

Each group will have a well-structured programme that will help them understand these subjects and give them experiences and memories that will stay with them for many years to come.  We send our best wishes to the students and staff on these trips and look forward to hearing about their experiences, when they return.

Eid Al Adha holiday

Dear Parents,

We have had an excellent first week at Rashid School and the students and staff have had a positive start to the new school year.  We have 20 new staff and 75 new students, and we are delighted to be welcoming so many new people to the Rashid School family.

Next week the school will be closed for Eid Al Adha, and we will open again on Sunday 18th September.  I would like to send you and your family my very best wishes  for Eid Al Ahda and we look forward to welcoming all our students back on 18th.

Glyn Kilsby, Headmaster


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