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Thank you

This is my last year at Rashid School for Boys, and I shall be leaving at the end of this school term.  I have been privileged to lead the school, as Headmaster, for the past 23 years. The school, its students, staff and local community, have become a central part of my life and I am proud of what has been achieved here during this time.  When I look at the successful roles being carried out by our former students I can see how important Rashid School has been to the development of Dubai, and I am certain this influence will continue in the future.  I would like to thank you, the parents of RSB students, for trusting us with the education of your children and for the support you have given me and the school for many years. 

I arrived in Dubai in 1992 with two little children and was warmly welcomed by the school and local community. Both of these small boys have now grown up and have made Dubai home for their own young families.  I shall therefore continue to visit the UAE and look forward to maintaining a strong and affectionate connection with all at Rashid School for Boys.

I would like to wish you, your son and your family an enjoyable summer and a positive and successful future.

Friendship Games 2019

Today saw more than 100 boys and girls from the Al Noor and Rashid Centres taking part in our annual Friendship Games.  This is always a highlight of our year and our Year 6 boys did us proud as they welcomed our visitors to the school.

We had a wonderful morning of games and activities including bowling, obstacle races and parachute games.  Ten teams competed against each other for the trophy, with the 'Red Team' coming out on top.

Days like these give our students an opportunity to develop skills such as empathy, inclusion and tolerance, and well as just having a very worthwhile and enjoyable time.

Secondary Book Week 2019

Today saw the start of RSB Book Week, in the secondary section, with more than 300 students and staff reading quietly in the hall.  After an introduction to the week four teachers each talked about their experiences as authors.  Mr Mohammed Yousef explained how writing for newspapers and learning English had helped him with his career as a teacher.  Then Mr Andrew Hatcher talked about the history book he has written about the pace of change in the 20th Century.  Mr Munir Jamal spoke about his book concerning the history of the sons of Jacob and, finally, Miss Sorcha Coyle explained how her interest in teaching and travel led to her writing a guide for expat teachers.

So RSB Book Week has not only been about reading, but about the value of writing, too.  It was probably a surprise to many that we have such a talented and creative group of the staff.   Further opportunities to encourage and support reading will take place throughout the week.

School closed Monday 4th and Tueday 5th February

Following an announcement by the Ministry of Education concerning the visit to the UAE by Pope Francis and on the occasion of the 'Global Religions Dialogue Forum on Human Brotherhood', Rashid School will be closed on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th February.  The school will reopen on Wednesday 6th February.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has welcomed the visit to the United Arab Emirates, saying:

“The UAE receives Pope Francis at a time when we are in dire need of meeting on common human values, extending bridges of brotherhood and friendship, highlighting the points of similarity, uprooting factors of separation, defusing and fighting strife, hatred and religious and ethnic discrimination."

At RSB we share and support these important human values.


As a seperate point, we had severe damage to some trees at school today, due to the weather, including one very large tree being blown down.   These two closure days will also allow our gardening staff time to make the grounds safe, before your son returns on Wednesday.

Early finish, Tuesday 29th January

Following the success of the UAE football team in reaching the semi-final of the Asian Cup, Rashid School will close early on Tuesday 29th January.  The early close is at the request of the Ministry of Education as this will allow students and their families to attend the match, safely, in Abu Dhabi.

The Secondary Section will close at 12:10, and Primary at 12:20 pm.  Latifa School will close at 12:30 pm.

We wish the UAE Team every success and look forward to seeing them join Japan in the final on Friday.


UAE Year of Tolerance

The staff and students of Rashid School welcome the announcement that 2019 has been declared the Year of Tolerance in the UAE.  This fits very well with one of our three RSB core values, 'Respect and kindness'.  This value includes:

  • Having respect for your own culture and religion
  • Having respect for the culture and religion of others
  • Showing respect to young and old, women and men
  • Showing empathy and sensitivity
  • Being tolerant and fair

Following the announcement, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, said;

“Tolerance is the cornerstone of advanced societies, intellectually and humanely, and is one of the tools of empowering civilisations and ensuring stability and flourishing of nations.

In 2019, we will endeavour to establish this value and lead the intellectual, media and research production movements to reaffirm this value in our region, which has suffered a lot because of extreme allegiance to ideologies or factions or parties.”

Within Rashid School we will celebrate and support these values throughout the year.

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