The science department is a vibrant and motivated department consisting of 6 full time members of staff, with an additional three part time staff and two laboratory technicians. Each full time member of staff has their own laboratory, equipped to a very high standard. The department is currently focusing on ICT in the science curriculum, and as such, LCD projectors, DVD systems and flat screen computers are available in each lab. An additional lecture room is available equipped with an interactive white board. At the moment one of the chemistry labs also has this full compliment of equipment as a trial and it is anticipated that each laboratory will be equipped in this way in the near future. In addition to the well equipped laboratories, the science department corridor has 18 flat screen pentium IV computers that are available for use.

The department reviews teaching materials on a regular basis to accommodate our second language learners and we are keen to include differentiated teaching materials to assist our students in any way possible. With use of visual aids via the interactive sideshows, quizzes and many other IT exercises, we are busy exploring many different avenues of teaching styles in order to reach our students.

G.C.S.E. results are of a very high standard particularly when one considers all the boys sitting the examinations are second language learners. Last year the A to C percentage pass rate was 85%. Most boys stay on to follow the High School Diploma course, AS or A2 and it is fair to say that the boys taking these courses usually do well and all reach their desired goal of attending Universities either here in the U.A.E. or abroad.

Ultimately the Rashid School Science department is thriving and successful. With small class sizes and excellent facilities it is a unique opportunity to provide the boys with an education that is second to none.