The mathematics department at Rashid School is a thriving unit of four full-time members of staff and two part time staff. One who shares his teaching with the economics department and one with SMT. There is an established pattern of teamwork in the department and teachers are encouraged to develop innovative and successful teaching strategies. Meetings are held on a weekly basis and all contributions are valued and evaluated.

In Year 7, the students are divided into four sets. The course they follow has been written by the department and matches closely the philosophy and content of the National Numeracy Strategy. The students are assessed at the ends of Year 7 and 8 by the National Curriculum Optional Tests. The following year all students take the Key Stage 3 examinations at the appropriate level and past results have been well above the national average. In Key Stage 4 and 5, we follow Edexcel courses both at GCSE and at A-level and have a history of examination success. Indeed, mathematics is the most popular subject at AS-level and, although many of our students leave after Year 12 to continue their studies either locally or in the US, there is a strong nucleus of students who complete the A-level course.

Students leaving at the end of Year 12 sit, in addition to their AS-levels, the American College Board SAT examinations. The department supports these students with dedicated and targeted lessons.

The department is in the process of integrating ICT into its workschemes and has a large range of software at its disposal on the school network, including Dart maths, maths alive programs are used with interactive whiteboards available in all the classrooms.