Learning Support

The Learning Support Department's role is to support individual students in acquiring language, literacy and mathematical skills. We work with students in every year group from KG1 right through to Year 13. The nature of the support offered by the team depends on the needs of the students. It is aimed at assisting the students in developing the skills they need to access the whole curriculum to the best of their individual ability.

In the primary a flexible system is provided. We withdraw individuals and small groups and work on the development of language and/or literacy skills in both English and Arabic. We also offer a flexible in-class support and/or withdrawal programme in Mathematics. Students may work with the Learning Support team for a short or extended period. The majority of students will have some contact with the team during their time in the primary.

In Keystage Three we use our specialized knowledge of the development of language and literacy skills to teach the students whose English and Arabic skills are developing at a slower rate. We also provide in-class support through our team of learning assistants in subject areas such as Social Studies, Science, Mathematics and Art to support individual students in accessing the curriculum. In Keystage Four we again offer a flexible programme that is dictated by the individual needs of the students and the demands of external examinations.