The geography department has two full-time geography teachers who teach across the full age and ability range of Rashid School.

In years 7 and 8, geography is combined with history in a humanities course. Due to the location and nature of the school, courses have been developed which are looking out from the U.A.E. and the Arab World. This requires that courses are written and developed within the school. The national curriculum of England and Wales and the UAE social studies curriculum are taken into account. The courses show sensitivity to, and a respect for, the role of Islam in the contemporary world.

The geography course in year 9 is designed to provide all students with experience of the main branches of the subject that are most relevant to their lives. It builds upon the work done in years 7 & 8. Wherever possible, emphasis is placed on Dubai and other parts of the Arab world. A number of local field trips are conducted. The course also provides students with the concepts, knowledge and skills necessary for further geographical study.

For GCSE, the department follows the Welsh Board Syllabus B – Avery Hill. Our fieldwork provision includes a week in England each autumn. Those students who find completion of the GCSE course too challenging are awarded a Rashid School certificate in geography

At AS and A-level, we follow Edexcel Syllabus B. Also, in year 12 we offer a global issues course that is an elective in Rashid School’s high school diploma programme.