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Welcome to the Student Council. With representatives from every year group the Council meets five times a year to discuss important student issues. The Council is dedicated to improving the school environment for all students and works very hard in coming up with new, practical ways to do this. The Student Council has achieved a great deal over the years. They have upgraded the seating in the Library, made improvements to the School uniform, discussed the use of technology in classrooms, contributed to behaviour management and anti-bullying reviews and policy developments and much more.

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Student council members 2016-17 announced

 Congratulations -


Year 7

Year 8

Saood Khoori 7WKSc

Abdulla Al Khoori 7G JPe

Mohammed Hmamu 7KSc

Majid Al Mahairi 7R Jbo

Khalifa Bin Sulaiman 7B AMa


Obaid Al Maktoum 8W VBe

Abdulla Bin Harib 8B AJo

Year 9 Year 10

Bader Al Hareb 9G RWi

Mohammad Bel Jafla 9DST


Abdulla Al Falasi 10KDo

Year 11 Year 12

Ali Al Sayegh 11B FCl

Majed Rasas 11B FCl


Abdulla Al Falasi 10KDo

Year 13


Yousef Wafadari 13W-Boyle


Assault course construction begins



28 April 2015 01

The Student Council are delighted to announce that construction has begun on their Assault Course. The aim of the course is to provide National Service-style military apparatus that students can use to improve their own fitness, as well as working on their leadership and team skills.

28 April 2015 03All this has been made possible by the amazing generosity of students and their families. In total 300,000dhs has been raised through non-uniform days, the selling of food, individual family donations and an auction last week that raised over 130,000dhs. The members of the Council are very grateful for all donations received and are delighted at how quickly the money has been raised.

The first phase of construction is to prepare the ground. This involves digging out very old and large tree roots and the relaying of thousands of meters of water pipes lying just under the surface.28 April 2015 04

Once complete, the next phase will begin. The construction of the 15 pieces of bespoke equipment, designed and approved by the Student Council.

It is hoped that most of the construction will be completed by the time school opens for the new Academic year, this coming September.

The Trail: fundraising begins


IMG 2466Today the Student Council announced plans for a non-uniform day on Thursday 19 March. With a minimum donation of 10Dhs per student it is hoped that enough money will be raised to finish the ground work in preparation for the equipment being built for the planned assault course.

IMG 2470IMG 2467IMG 2469

Assault course plans approved by council

DSC 05941At the last Council Meeting, members approved the plans for THE TRAIL الدرب, a Level 1 National Service-style assault course designed specifically for the needs of all RSB students, preparing to train for their National Service.

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