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Chris Hadfield: Canadian Astronaut lands safely in Dubai

IMG 1213On Sunday, 6 March, RSB students had the pleasure of listening to Former Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield as part of this year’s Emirates Literature Festival. The former Canadian Test pilot, Astronaut , Commander and musician wowed the audience with his fantastic stories about life as an astronaut living on board the International Space Station.

From the very beginning , he engaged the audience with his explanations of how a space rocket blasts off and the astronaut’s starting position ( it isn’t sitting down). And if that wasn’t enough, one of our students, Mohammad Musabeh (10W PBr), became an astronaut’s assistant and helped explain the origins of the space suit and earned himself one of Chris’s highly-prized plectrums, that he used to play his guitar in space.

In the afternoon, former RSB graduate, Omran Sharaf, Senior Project Manager overseeing the Emirates Mars Mission and his Deputy, Ibrahim Al Qasimi, Manager, Strategic Research Section hosted our students at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre.

The Centre is building ‘Hope’, a UAE Mars satellite, which will gather valuable data to use for future space exploration. Students were shown the original DubaiSat1 and KhalifaSat in its early stages of development. They had first-hand access to the control centre, where all communications and data retrieved by the satellites will be collected and stored. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, some of our students might actually be working on this fantastic project and help to achieve the UAE’s Emirates Mars Mission themselves.

On their return, all Year 10 students are writing a Science-Fiction short story as part of a whole-school writing competition. The winners will be announced at the end of the year.