Secondary News

UAE’s Mars Mission arrives at RSB

On Wednesday, 9 December, RSB students had the pleasure of hosting former RSB graduate, Omran Sharaf, Senior Project Manager overseeing the Emirates Mars Mission. His mission was to raise awareness of the UAE’s vision for 2021, when we ‘Hope’ to send a UAE satellite to Mars to retrieve valuable data to use for future space exploration.Omran Sharaf visit 1

This was not only a fantastic opportunity to learn first-hand about Omran’s personal journey from RSB to where he is today, but also to learn about how the probe is to be built by local Emiratis, and all research and intelligence is to be developed solely iwth local knowledge and talent.

This viOmran Sharaf visit 2sit is part of a whole-school Year 10 Space Project, including cross-curricular links with English, Maths, Science, ICT and DT. Students will be given the opportunity to learn about the Mission to Mars in more detail, whilst having the chance to develop their scientific knowledge and to enter a new creative writing competition. They will visit the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre and see all the wonderful work that goes on there. Also, Omran’s team will run workshops here at RSB to find the next generation of Emirati Scientists.

And who knows, maybe one or two of our current students will join Omran and Ibrahim in fulfilling the UAE’s vision.

Written by Mr James Persechino