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Year 8 English trip

A Precious Gem of a Day
"I want the children of tomorrow to learn what a pearl is," Sultan Al Owais.
On Tuesday, 24 November, the Year 8 students went on a field trip as part of the Key Stage Three English Language and Heritage Unit.  The focus is on the sea and how it is central to the history and culture of the UAE. We were fortunate enough to visit the Emirates NBD Pearl Museum.  The museum houses the priceless collection of exquisite pearls, one of the largest in the world, donated to the people of the Gulf by Sultan Al Owais.  The students were taught about the harsh lives of the pearl divers and what life was like in the UAE before oil was discovered.  They were surprised to discover that the divers would dive up to twenty times a day and that they lived on a diet of rice and fish, with no meat!  The wonderful visit also included a breathtaking panoramic view of the Creek from the fifteenth floor of the building.
In the afternoon we visited the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at the Dubai Mall where the students were taught about the flora and fauna of the Gulf waters.  The staff of the world's largest indoor aquarium also showed our students many exotic species, including sharks. They explained to them the importance of their habitat and how we must protect the coral reefs here in the UAE because they are the home of an amazing assortment of plants and animals.  The informative and educational day ended with a shower of rain which only added to the adventure!
Year 8 English Trip