Science Department

Bethan Shute Science

The science department at RSB is an exciting and vibrant part of the school; combining practical investigations with critical thinking skills and real life examples. Each of the 6 members of staff work out of very well resourced labs and use a variety of approaches while teaching the curriculum. We are continuing to embed technology in lessons and students are encouraged to work independently where appropriate to help develop the skills they will need as they move through life.

Through KS3 and 4, students explore topics in biology, chemistry and physics, culminating in two iGCSE’s (Edexcel combined science, double award). The KS3 curriculum (Exploring science) seamlessly supports students moving up from KS2 and prepares students for the move into iGCSE with exposure to key content and skills, complimented with consistent terminology and quality resources. In addition to this, teachers regularly review teaching schemes, adapting them to meet the specific needs of our students.

At KS5, the majority of students follow the HSD route, with science based courses, such as Animals of the UAE, being very popular choices. Our top performing students opt to take AS levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and it is fair to say that the boys taking these courses usually do well and all reach their desired goal of attending Universities either here in the U.A.E. or abroad.

Ultimately the Rashid School Science department is thriving and successful. With small class sizes and excellent facilities it is a unique opportunity to provide the boys with an education that both inspires and motivates.