Physical Education

Robert McLaughlin PE

The Physical Education department offers the boys a wide range of activities and the opportunity to participate, understand, become skilful in and enjoy sports whist having fun.

The structure of the lessons enables the boys to enjoy sports and to be comfortable taking part at their own level, whilst also allowing them to extend and challenge themselves. Success and failure is experienced and managed. Pupils work with others others as part of a team as well as concentrating on their own individual performance. They are encouraged to play to the laws of the sport and within the spirit of the game.

A main focus is making boys aware of the effect of exercise on their bodies and of the importance for good health. They take responsibility for their kit and personal hygiene throughout the school. All pupils work towards completing a range of Amy fitness tests which they will need to pass when they finally leave school and enter Military Service.

Pupils are offered the opportunity to broaden their knowledge through the study of GCSE Physical Education available in years 10 and 11. The department offers a full and varied programme of extra curricular activities as well as the opportunity to compete against other pupils and other schools. The school has representative teams at football, rugby, athletics, basketball, softball and volleyball.

Pupils are also made aware of opportunities for participation outside of school and encouraged and guided into these activities.