Media Technology

Bernard Steponitis Media

Media technology explores how we communicate through sound and moving images. Boys learn to manipulate sounds using their voices, instruments and electronic devices. Great emphasis is placed on listening skills and group collaboration. The school has a purpose built media technology suite with six practice rooms, a specialised listening room, two classrooms and a dedicated recording studio. 

All students learn to play a musical instrument, as well as traditional dancing and sound production and recording techniques. Students are able to study for examinations in recording technology and music. Many links exist with other schools and community groups in Dubai. The department is keen to promote Arabic, and in particular Khaleeji music to a wider audience.

All students take part in a concert for the whole school during March and opportunities exist to develop skills further during lunchtime clubs and Thursday activity periods.

Sound technology encourages active participation, creativity and self-motivation. Boys learn skills which will help them become lifelong learners, and contribute to the development of the community at large.

GCSE music, AS-Sound Technology and BTEC Creative Media Production are offered as examination options.