Inclusion Support Department

Fern McGahey Inclusion

The aim of the Inclusion Support Department is to promote a whole-school approach on inclusive practice and removing barriers to learning by meeting each individual’s needs by identifying, planning, implementing and monitoring support for students with special educational needs and disabilities. The Inclusion Support Department provides appropriate strategies, interventions and support to parents, teachers, and students to ensure consistent personal and academic progress across all phases is achieved. The Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework (2107) is central to our school Inclusion Policies.

To support students with a learning need enabling them better access to the curriculum through:

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting IEP targets focusing on Literacy, Maths and Behaviour/Social/Emotional areas
  • Supporting areas of need through curriculum/content support, exam accommodations
  • Intervention for targets set, such as reading intervention, in-class support, one-one sessions.

To do this we will withdraw students from lessons for 1-1 sessions focusing on individual targets where possible, provide student support in class where possible with Learning Support Assistants (LSA’s) and support teachers as well as provide teaching strategies to implement in class. We ensure students have access arrangements like readers, scribes and extra time for tests and external examinations should they qualify for it.