History Department

 Andrew Hatcher History

The History Department at RSB consists of four full-time teachers who together teach throughout the school. We are a collaborative, creative and engaged team, and we are committed to explaining the history of Dubai, the UAE, as well as the wider world, to every student in the school. As part of the RSB commitment to Vision 2021, our aim is to help produce RSB leavers who are well-informed and who are able to participate constructively in the future of Dubai and the UAE.

In Key Stage 3, History lessons look at the history of Dubai, the UAE and the broader Arab and Islamic World, the history of civilisation over time, including the story of the Rise of Islam, as well as detailed study of the 20th Century. This requirements of the UAE National Agenda curriculum are covered by these studies. These are delivered using skills and concepts from the UK national curriculum, with materials and booklets largely produced by the teachers in the department.

At Key Stage 4, the department teaches Cambridge IGCSE while at Key Stage 5, AQA AS-Level is taught, as well as various elective High School Diploma courses. The department contributes significantly to the school’s High School Diploma programme for the large proportion of HSD Year 12 students benefiting from this.

The department is also in charge of a very successful trip to the UK in Year 11. This Social Studies trip has been running for nearly 21 years and is designed to give RSB students an experience of life away from Dubai.