Geography Department

Oliver Boyle Geo

The geography department has two full-time geography specialists who teach across the full age and ability range of Rashid School.

In years 7 to 9, the geography course is designed to provide all students with experience of the main human and physical branches of the subject that are most relevant to their lives. Each topic provides students with the concepts, knowledge and skills necessary for further geographical study at GCSE and AS / A-Level. Wherever possible, emphasis is placed on Dubai and other parts of the Arab world. A number of local field trips are conducted.

For GCSE geography, the department follows the AQA syllabus. Our fieldwork provision includes a week in England each autumn. The department also runs an IGCSE in travel and tourism following the Cambridge syllabus, which necessitates a number of local field trips within Dubai itself.

At AS and A-level, we follow the Edexcel syllabus. Also, in year 12 we offer two High School Diploma courses: global issues and geography of travel.