French Department

Heather Broderick French

The French department at Rashid School is small but important. Boys with a good level of English in primary school, start studying French in Year 7 and continue until Year 9. There are two classes in each year group and students can choose to study IGCSE or AS Level if they want  to pursue the language.

In lessons we focus on the four skill areas (speaking, listening, reading and writing) through games, websites on the computer, project work and pair/ group work. There are trips into the community throughout the year including a local French restaurant where they can use the language they have learned with French people. We study a French film every year and a short novel or story to encourage listening and reading skills and to connect what we are learning in French to the skills used in English for review writing.

We study topics relevant to the students’ lives such as Family, School, Food and Drink, TV and film, Technology, My town and Hobbies.