Art Department

Angela Paul Art

The Art Department is housed in a well resourced, purpose built, open plan studio. There are two full time and members of staff and a part time technician who complement each other with their different backgrounds and skills. The art department curriculum aims to provide the boys with the opportunity to develop their intellectual and practical skills through making a personal response to their own experiences and culture. Students will express themselves through both visual and tactile media and we offer a wide range of disciplines including painting and drawing, sculpture, printmaking, silk-screen printing, ceramics, and photography.

IT forms an integral part of project work. Students will learn many transferable skills, which can be used in different contexts within the curriculum and daily life.

The KS3 curriculum is geared to the specific needs of our students but will also satisfy the National Curriculum  of England requirements. We offer a broad range of study in order to give the students as wide a knowledge of Art and Design as possible.

The year 10/11 students sit the Edexcel Art and Design unendorsed IGCSE examination. This fully rounded Art education enables our students to continue their studies up to AS/A2 if appropriate to their career choice. The department has achieved an excellent rate of success in external examinations.

For students following the internal High School Diploma option in year12 we offer a variety of very popular courses, including digital art, photography, ceramics, and fine art.

The Art Curriculum is designed to build the confidence and self-esteem of all students regardless of ability. Art is promoted within the school through exhibitions, displays and events and plays an important supporting role to other subject areas.