Secondary curriculum overview

Over its 25 years of development, RSB has developed an innovative and flexible curriculum that meets the needs of our Emirati students.  The curriculum combines Islamic Studies and Arabic, from the UAE Ministry of Education, with elements of the UK (English and Welsh) National Curriculum.  We then add a healthy mix of our own developments to ensure that the school meets the needs of our bilingual, Dubai based, learners.
In Years 7 to 11 (pupils aged 11 to 16) our students work towards GCSE examinations along with Islamic Studies and Arabic.  In Year 12 around half of our students stay for our one year High School Diploma course and the others stay for one year of AS levels or two years of AS and A-levels.  The High School Diploma prepares students for further and higher education through a series of core courses and electives written by the school and these cover topics as diverse as Psychology, Engineering, Film Making and Graphic Design.
As well as the more traditional academic subjects the school puts great emphasis on personal and social education.  We have a well structured programme of activities that run throughout Secondary on topics such as health, leadership, environmental studies, careers and team building.  We make full use of the UAE's exciting environment and all students are encouraged to take part in residential activities both locally and overseas.
For further information about the curriculum of the Secondary Section please contact Mark Shahparaki, Head of Secondary.