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Dubai Fitness Challenge – 30 minutes for 30 days

Rashid School for Boys is taking part in the Dubai Fitness Challenge(#Dubai30x30). Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council for Dubai Government has challenged residents of Dubai to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days. The aim of this challenge is to make Dubai the most active city in the world! To support this campaign, this week Primary students will complete a daily walk/run around the school grounds. They are also invited to complete a health and fitness log book for 30 days.Please encourage your son to print off the log book and help him to record the foods he eats and the exercise he completes throughout this month. Log books should be brought into school on 19th November when the challenge is complete.       #Dubai30x30

RSB Primary Fitness Log Book 2017

Digital Integration and Computing presentation

On Thursday, 27th April, we welcomed parents to our Digital Integration and Computing workshop. The session was an interactive one in which parents learned computer programming and made a short ‘green screen’ movie. Parents were involved in how learning is being enhanced through the use of iPads in lessons. 
We also examined the three strands of the computing curriculum: coding or programming; ICT; and digital safety. Parents learned how to control device usage at home and looked at positive strategies to ensure our students are responsible and safe users of technology.
We hope to run this workshop again soon.
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Click HERE to access Common Sense Media for advice on film content, video game content and internet safety tips for parents.

Primary science workshop for parents

This morning we were delighted to welcome parents to an informative, interactive workshop We explained the new Science Curriculum and how it is taught at Rashid Primary. Ideas for home learning and support were also shared.

Parents experienced learning science from a child’s perspective. They enjoyed conducting experiments and investigations!

Please click on the presentations below to learn more about science in primary.

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Science day Arabic presentation

Science day English presentation


Primary trip to Ecoventure

Almost 40 boys from Y6 have travelled to Ecoventure to enjoy 3 days of challenge, excitement and adventure. Independence, team work and social  skills are practised during this trip. Positive reports from our staff and lots of smiling faces on the photographs show us the boys are having a great time!

Photos of Ecoventure Day 1

Photos of Ecoventure Day 2

Friendship games

Friendship Games was a great event yesterday! There were smiles on the faces of children, carers and teachers all around our building! Special thanks for their efforts on the day! This event continues to mark a special place on our school calendar.

 Video of RSB Friendship Games


Times Table challenge workshop in Primary

This morning, we were delighted to present an information meeting for parents, outlining the launch of our “Times Table Challenge” The workshop included techniques and information to support your children at home during our one month challenge. Parents were then given website links that will help them to prepare their children for the challenge and develop their skills. Please click on the presentations below to learn more.

pdfMaths Curriculum 2017 - Times tables - Arabic

pdfMaths Curriculum 2017 - Times tables - English

pdfMultiplication websites