Primary curriculum

Rashid Primary Section provides an education for students from 3.5 to 11 years. All our students have English as a second language and are taught a modified version of the UK National Curriculum, with a strong emphasis on a multi-sensory, cross-curricular learning throughout the school.

Our students are enrolled at three and a half to four and a half years old and enter the Foundation Stage where they take part in a 2 year program following the UK Early Years Foundation Curriculum. The students are taught 6 areas of learning. These are:

  • Personal, social and emotional development 
  • Communication, language and literacy 
  • Problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy 
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world 
  • Physical development 
  • Creative development

The UK National curriculum is divided into core and foundation subjects and is taught by fully qualified, first language, English teachers. The core subjects are Language and Literacy, Numeracy and Science. The foundation subjects are history and geography, art, sound Technology and Physical Education. ICT is integrated across the curriculum and our students have discreet ICT lessons taught by a specialist teacher.

The Arabic curriculum is also an integral part of the education provided at RSB. There are two main areas of study taught by fully qualified first language Arabic teachers. The students learn Arabic language and literacy and are taught about Islam and Islamic values, including their cultural identity as citizens of the UAE.

The school has a dedicated Learning Support Department that responds to the individual needs of particular students and offers support both in and out of class.

Curriculum Content for Term 2 -  2017-18

These documents outline the objectives being covered for Term 2 in English, Maths, Science, Arabic and Islamic Studies. It is our aim to release a new set at the start and the middle of each term. We hope that you find the curriculum documents informative and helpful. You are welcome to discuss these documents in greater detail with your son's teachers.

Foundation 1

pdfTerm 2 Foundation 1

Foundation 2

pdfTerm 2 Foudation 2

pdfLiteracy T2a FS2

Year 1

Literacy T1a Y1

Literacy T1b Y1

Maths T1 Y1

Science T1 Y1

Year 2

Literacy T1 Y2

Maths T1 Y2

Science T1a Y2

Science T1b Y2

Year 3

pdfLiteracy T2a Y3

pdfLiteracy T2b Y3

pdfMaths T2 Y3

Y3 Adding fractions

Y3 Bar Graphs

Y3 Capacity using scales

Y3 Add with regrouping 1

Y3 Add with regrouping 2

Y3 Missing fractions number line

Y3 Problems_Fractions of quantities

Y3 Weighing scales

pdfT2 Y3 Science animals and humans

pdfT2 Y3 Science light 

Y3 Science forces and magnets

Y3 Science Plants

Y3 Science rocks

Year 4

pdfLiteracy T2a Y4

pdfLiteracy T2b Y4

pdfMaths T2 Y4

pdfT2 Y4 Science animlals and humans

pdfT2 Y4 Science living things

 Year 5

pdfLiteracy T2a Y5

pdfLiteracy T2b Y5

pdfMaths T2 Y5

pdfT2 Y5 Science earth and space

pdfT2 Y5 Science properties of materials

Year 6

pdfLiteracy T2a Y6

pdfLiteracy T2b Y6

pdfMaths T2 Y6

pdfT2 Y6 Science animals

pdfT2 Y6 Science inheritance

 Support at home ppt_Maths

Maths APP Y1.2.3

Maths APP Y2.3.4

Maths APP Y3.4.5

Maths APP Y4.5.6