About Rashid School for Boys

Rashid School for Boys has been providing high quality education in Dubai for more than twenty five years.  The school offers an outstanding education for Emirati students aged 3-18 years and has developed its own curriculum which combines the best of the UK National Curriculum, UAE Ministry of Education and our own courses, to provide a lively, exciting and relevant education for the future leaders of Dubai.

At Rashid School for Boys we aim to provide the highest quality education for Emirati boys in the UAE. We challenge all students to grow and develop to the full extent of their ability and equip them with the skills required to take on leading roles within Dubai, the UAE and internationally.  We demand high standards of discipline, honesty, courtesy and effort, and we encourage and expect each pupil to attain the highest level of achievement of which he is capable.

We integrate the best of current international educational practice with a respect for Arab traditions and UAE culture. The bilingual curriculum is broad and balanced, and combines academic study with creative, physical and social activities. Every student is known and valued as an individual, and they have a moral and spiritual education that helps them develop an understanding of the contribution they will make to the global community.

We cater for children with a range of additional needs.  Places are offered on our guiding principle that we are able to meet a pupil's learning needs to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Our Vision: 

‘To provide learners with the personal and academic qualities required to become the leaders of tomorrow, who respect and celebrate their own culture while making a positive contribution as global citizens.’

But how will this be achieved by a Rashid School student?

Our Expectations:

We believe our students should have the following qualities:

  • have high aspirations and standards and take pride in their school, work and achievements;
  • be fluent communicators in Arabic and English;
  • be motivated and develop lively, enquiring minds and view learning as a continuous, life-long process;
  • have self-respect and self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others;
  • respect the values of the UAE and international societies and be active and caring members of the community;
  • learn independently and use modern technology with confidence;
  • be fully prepared for the work place or for higher education and further study in the UAE, UK, US and other destinations;
  • have skills of leadership, teamwork, innovation and initiative;
  • lead with tolerance, understanding and respect for others;
  • promote responsibility towards local and global environmental issues;
  • be physically fit and healthy through an understanding of nutrition, exercise and health education.

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